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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair

lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
One dealer told the problems they have heard on the Kia Sorento are Check Engine light and catylst
converter. I properly will test drive one to see how it's feel on and off the road.


  • 01r101r1 Posts: 280
    On a recent test drive (EX model, non-lux), it would not consistently shift into 4wd Low range. One time with the selector set to 4wd High range, it shifted in 4wd Low range.
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    I'm not sure you're supposed to shift into Neutral when shifting the 4WD. I think you are supposed to keep going, and shift on the fly in Drive.

    Hey, I may be wrong!

    Check Engine Light: Gas cap.
  • I test drove one a couple days ago. In 2WD, take off was smooth...from 1st to 2nd...but huge whine and excessive rpm 4500+ going from 2nd to 3rd. We test drove another one, didn't seem quite as bad...but not as smooth as my Grand Vitara. Anyway the dealer called said they looked at it, was faulty ...getting new parts in. Will test drive it again next week. Has anyone else encountered this?
  • When you shift in 4WD Low, you need to stop, put it in neutral, shift into 4WD Low, then put tranny into gear. Shift on the fly is only for 4WD Hi.
  • rgrossrgross Posts: 2
    I test drove the Kia twice now and have noticed the same problem. I am very interested in the vehicle but if others have experienced the same issue that concerns me. Has anybody else experienced this?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Hi Steve or anybody - Are any links for the test report on this Kia Sorento? People have concerns with the shifting problem on its 4WD system. I believe Sorneto has shift-on-fly 4WD system and you don't have to shift to neutral. What would be the better way to test drive a 4WD vehicles?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think these are all our links on the Sorento to date:

    Future Vehicles

    First Drive

    There's a mini-blurb in the New Vehicle Pricing (the "Overview").

    Steve, Host

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Thanks. Steve. The body of the Sorento looks like Mercedes-Benz ML320 from a distant.
  • boredbored Posts: 300
    4x4 System: That's exactly what I thought too.

    Also: There's not any car that doesn't look alike from a distance., with maybe the exception of a PT Cruiser.
  • 01r101r1 Posts: 280
    Maybe a Sorento owner could look it up in their owner's guide to confirm this. On the non-lux version, I believe you can shift on the fly into 4wd High range like any other 4x4. But must shift the tranny into Neutral before selecting 4wd Low range. Shifting to Neutral unloads the positive torque in the transfer case allowing the lower gear to engage.
  • Hello everyone,

    To all the new KIA Sorento owners, what do you think of the Sorento's fuel consumption ???
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I posted this in the other Sorento page about it being SUV of the year.
    I just posted #590 and in it I wrote how we took it for a pretty good test drive on a old tank trail. To engage the 4X4 it shifts something like my Ranger. For the 4X4 HI it shifts on the fly up to 45 mph and for 4X4 LO you have to stop the vehicle foot on the brake and in neutral and it engaged. I also tried it in park and it engaged. Drove it for about a 100 yards on this old trail and it did very well. As mentioned in the posting above we were quite pleased about the Sorento. We ordered the EX in Ivy Green with the cargo tray, mud flaps and window shades ( the things that you can leave your windows open to prenvent rain from coming in). So now we wait.

    AS far as the looks al the write ups I read say that it almosts looks like a Lexus and the Mercedes. I did read that Lexus was a little miffed about the side profile being almost the same, but they also feel flattered that it was copied. Shows how good the Lexus is.
  • I just bought my Sorento this Monday and wanted to comment on the gas mileage. I don't know what all the gripe is about. I drive 25 miles one way to work everyday and so far, I haven't had to fuel up yet. Still have just under half a tank. I was expecting worse, but am pleasantly surprised. I am having them check mine out, because I have noticed a whine in the engine when it hits gears 3 and 4. (As mentioned in earlier posts) Maybe it needs an adjustment. Will keep you posted...
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    hciaffa - It is good to see another positive posting. I agree. It looks like RX300 or ML320 from outside. I and my wife looked at this at the auto show and we love it. And we are in the market for this. By the way, how much did you pay? We are looking the EX with 4WD, possible with the luxury package. Are you recommend those add-ons like ABS and rear spoiler?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    The dealer I am dealing with in central CT does not add on ADM but at this time is not marking down the price. We are trying to get a Ivy Green EX with either the standard cloth seats or with leather seats. And with ABS, his price is $25100. If he can get a EX with the Luxury pasckage we would settle on that as well his price was $26980 which he might deduct about 800 of the pjrice. At this point because of the scarcity in CT we told him get whatever he can. Right now I have not seen any price posting that compares invoice to MSRP which would help in the negotiation. I'm not getting the spoiler but I am getting the cargo tray, mudflaps, hood protector, window visors andjmaybe later I will get the Yakima travel basket for the roof rack.
    My wife is real anxious to get this vehicle. She has Forester now so if we get the EX with luxury the full time 4x4 is like the AWD but if we settle with the regular EX she has no qualms about it as I have a Ranger with shift on the fly 4x4 that she has driven.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    hicaffa - Yeah. The price is still holding. I looked the pricing on The invoice for EX 4x4 is $22350 (plus $495 dest. fee). The TMV is $23859. There is no invoice price for the options. Have you looked at this before you go to the dealer? BTW, what makes you consider this Sorento? I first noticed this from TV ads.
  • I found the prices are pretty cut and dry. I printed off the price list from the Kia website when I went in to buy my Sorento. I got the LX with 4 wheel drive. I was originally planning to get an EX, but they only had one and I didn't like the color. I decided on the beige gold, which is much nicer in the LX (no two tone). I'm also glad I got the cloth upholstery because I didn't care much for the way the leather looks. I got everything else I needed except the sunroof. I basically sacrificed that to get the 4 wheel drive. Overall, I'm happy with my choice. When I looked at the sticker, it was exactly what the price list showed. No hidden charges anywhere. It's kind of like buying a Saturn. I paid $23,340 exactly what the price list said I would pay.
  • I'm sorry, but I cannot buy a car at MSRP. I don't care if they are a "no haggle" dealership (ala. Saturn). If I can't negotiate, I'm not going to buy. I got the EX Luxury for $450 over invoice ($1200 under sticker [or KIA's website]) and I'm still not really happy. I've never paid over $150 over invoice, but made a sacrifice since this was a first year model with a suposed limited first year US production.
  • I am intrigued by the Sorento but concerned about it being in the first year. Is this vehicle based on any existing platform? Does anyone have a sense about how well it will hold up? And, does it really look and seem like a Lexus RX300?


    Jim d.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm sorry, but I cannot buy a car at MSRP.

    No need to apologize. We all have our own negotiating styles ranging from intransigence to total acquiescence. In any case, we make our own choices.

    tidester, host
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    Someone's been looking at the thesaurus again!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I don't know if this is a problem. I have never driven the 4WD before. For this Sorento, there is a control switch for 2HI, 4L0 and 4HI. Do I need to change that manually when different road condition applies?
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    If you have the the switch as you describe then you must engage it manually. Read you owners manual. Regular driving is 2HI that's your rear two wheels driving the Sorento. When the road conditions are bad meaning snow you can engage the 4HI on the fly usually up to 40 mph. With my Ranger if its raining real bad I engage my 4HI as long as I make no tight turns then the differentials start to bind. Believe me the noise they make is a good warning that the turn is to tight. For 4LO you usually have to be at a stop and the tranny in either park or neutral and foot on the brake to engage it and this is really for bad and heavy snow conditions or mud. Hope this helps
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    hicaffa - Thanks for the info. The salesman told not to use 4WD mode all the time. It is designed for off-road or snowy road condition, for better traction. It will hurt the tires when using 4WD on dry pavement a lot. I also think the car (when 4WD uses) will be difficult to turn. What about these SUVs or cars with AWD? Can the rear differential design to elimiate this problem?
  • cptsessocptsesso Posts: 116
    Hey guys, I don't have a Sorento but I do have an Isuzu Axiom XS 4wd. It think we both have the same type of T.O.D.(torque-on-demand) 4wd system.

    With mine, you can switch from 4HI to T.O.D or vise versa while at speeds slower than 60mph. For 4LO, you have to come to a complete stop and put the shifter in neutral with the brake on. Then select 4LO and you will hear a clunk in the transmission. This is the 4LO kicking in.

    It is ok to have T.O.D. selected all of the time. The power goes only to the rear wheels until the computer senses wheel slippage. The computer senses the slippage before you even feel a thing. At this point, up to 50% of the available power is transfered to the front wheels. So, it is safe to leave it in T.O.D. while driving in all conditions especially slippery conditions like rain.

    4LO is recomended for off roading where you need that extra bit of grunt from your vehicle to climb steep hills, go through mud, etc. 4LO uses a lower gearing and all 4 wheels are constantly turning at the same time. This is why it is not recomended to use 4LO on dry pavement because of tire wear.

    The only time I have used 2HI was on a long highway trip in dry conditions. I have read some people like to do this because of gas mileage. I tried both T.O.D. and 2HI on different legs of the trip and didn't see any mpg difference. This makes sense because only the rear wheels are receiving power in both T.O.D. and 2HI in non-slippery conditions.

    I hope I have clarified this subject a little bit. Check with your dealer to see if you have the same system. I think it is the same type or very similar.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    What is this mean? Some SUV has front, center and/or rear differential (or all three together like the MB G500). Is this often used on cars and SUV with AWD with no 4Lo and 4Hi? Like Forester, RX300, etc.
  • I found the invoice prices for the Sorento by going to and clicking their link to (This gets you into a format that allows for printing the pages within printer width parameters). They listed the base invoice price for whichever trim level you choose, as well as the add on's such as ABS. You get the info on everything.

    We're looking at getting a Small SUV and have driven the Tribute, Escape, Liberty, and Sorento. I still want to drive a Vue before choosing. We're limiting ourselves to V6 with FWD models. So far they all have their pluses and minuses, but we were impressed with Sorento that we test drove last night.
  • Hi, I am the proud owner of an 03 Sorento EX with the Luxury Pkg. I think it is a great riding vehicle, I have a 2wd (we don't need 4wd in Fla.) I was wondering if any one has experienced a problem with a slight shudder or vibration when you are accelerating from a stop. That is the only time I feel it. The vehicle only has about 500 miles on it and it seems to be getting a little worse. Looking for some input
  • fmunoz:

    My vibration comes between 65-70mph. I'm not sure exaclty what it's caused by. I seems to be a harmonic resonation by the engine, but I supposed it could be the tires (balance). Although, if it was the tires, then I should feel the same vibration at about 35mph. Don't get me wrong, the vibration is not strong, but It's enough to know it's there.
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