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Kia Sorento Maintenance and Repair



  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Just got a first oil change for my Sorento. I didn't use Mobil 1 this time. The regular oil change cost less than $24. An extra key was made for $10.55. I know it's rip off. I didn't have time to go to the locksmith. Bought two bottles of touch-up paint for $4.99 each, gold beige and stone beige.

    I also checked prices for some parts and accessories. An extra keyless remote = $105 plus $40 to program it. Kia oil filter = $5. The wiper inserts (they told you have to buy/replace the blade too) = $17.

    hicaffa - I looked at one Sorento with the hood deflector (also with tow hitch, bike rack, load warrior, rain visor) in the showroom. The installation for hood deflector looks simple. There are 5 or 6 clips. Like you mentioned before, I think I have remove the front grille. Any idea it may be difficult for car wash? I have a feeling that it will becomes a leaf gutter during the fall here.
  • StevePIIIStevePIII Posts: 55
    I still only count 6 Speakers -- 2 tweeters in the front doors, 2 in the front doors, and 2 in the rear doors.

    Funny story-I thought I had an electrical problem, the interior cabin overhead lights kept flashing on and off -- turns out I left the dial next to the 4Wd all the way up, and when the Auto-Light would come on (I was going under a series of bridges) so would the cabin lights.

    Still find myself wishing the trip to work was longer.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    is 2 speakers (tweater + speaker) I think that is how they count them nowadays.

  • StevePIII-

    The groaning sound is the ABS pressurization and self test, it is normal.
    To be proper, Kia (and others) should not say 10 speakers but 10 "drivers". The speakers in the doors are either biaxial or coaxial. This simply means that one speaker basket (frame) mounts 2 drivers (midrange + woofer)in it. Audiophiles use the term driver to denote an electromagnetic transducer- be it a woofer, midrange or tweeter.

    Second gear should not last that long unless you really have your foot in it. The transmission shift points are determined by several factors, one of which is throttle position. Upshifts are delayed so that the engine can deliver better acceleration when you press down hard on the gas. I will check the shift points on my Sorento under moderate throttle, on level ground and report back.
  • hammel1hammel1 Posts: 1
    Sorento Owners,

    Anyone have the remote fuel door release option (working)? If so, country and month purchased?

  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    We don't have that option down here in the States though I wish we did.
  • StevePIII- I did an informal check of the transmission shift points on my Sorento today. Using a light foot (as if there were an egg between my foot and the accelerator) the shift points were:
    1-2 @ ~ 12 mph
    2-3 @ ~ 19 mph
    3-4 @ ~ 35 mph
    Naturally, shift points will rise if accelerator pressure is increased- but I tried to keep pressure at a minimum so you could duplicate these conditions on your Sorento. In any case, all shifts ocurred before the tach reached 2000 rpm.
  • StevePIIIStevePIII Posts: 55
    Thank you, I will try that and report my findings
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    I picked up this tid bit up at another forum about some people mentioning that they hear a popping or craking noise from either the dash or the wind shield when the defroster is on or the A/C is on in the defrost mode. I noticed it lately when running the A/C in the defrost mode and it soumded like it was coming from the duct work expanding, not sure though. Anybody else hear this, apparently from their post that quite a few are hearing it. One female owner who took her Sorento in for sevice said that the service guys were stumped and they thought it was the windshield and the are having Kia look into it.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    hciaffa - None. But I will try again. I noticed the fan noise from underneath the glove box as you increase the fan speed, maybe to 3 or 4. Also, a small engine noise occur when it is idling. I noticed this when I was at the light even with window close and CD/radio off. Sounds like a diesel truck from a far distance. It is noticeable but it's not bothering me much.
  • hciaffa: the woman that you mentioned on the other board is my sister. The dealership that she went to is replacing the windshield. The popping is definitely coming from the windshield and not from the heater or the dash itself. Since she mentioned this, I turned off my radio when I drive and I also notice a popping noise when my defrost is first put on. It is not a loud cracking like spaghetti breaking but just a little when ice in a glass of tea pops.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    Are you the two sisters that post on the other forum. I am very curious to find out about her results. As I stated mine makes the same noise but it is not very loud I agree it does sound like ice cracking in tea.
  • Yes, we are the two sisters from the other board. She hasn't had her windshield replaced yet but it is scheduled. I will let you know what happens.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    when open and close the rear passenger's doors... dry door hinges. It began when I was at around 2800 miles. I went to service and they didn't fix this properly. I went home and put some WD40... the noise is gone. I don't know why they were dried so quickly. And that's properly the door hinges are made of some heavy duty plastic (feel like it when touching the hinges) and not the real metal.
  • I bought a Sorento EX 4 months ago. Is it me or does the mileage seem to be adding up really fast(hmmm 10yr 100,000). Driver window half way down makes snapping noise against plastic while going over bumps. My driver seat track was broken. Forget about gas mileage... the popping and cracking from windshield is getting very annoying..the constant fume smell, I drive around with recycle on. after 5000 miles smell def shouldn't be there... It is a nice looking SUV though and the 4 wheel drive was awesome in the snow storms we had in New York this year.. Maybe its just the customer service that is just making me regret the purchase... =(
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    You mean the new car smell? That lasts generally 10K miles and about 1-1.5years on new cars these days.

  • Your kidding me, right? You are regretting your purchase of the Sorento based on those issues? If I was as anal as you are...I would have regretted every vehicle I've ever purchased.

    I will agree with you....the Vehicle Service and Customer service Kia provides has a long way to go, but I knew that going in. God knows JD Powers didn't have many good things to say about Kia service.

    Try this someday your really bored and want your eyes opened. Go to the other vehicle problem posts here in Edmunds...and take a look at Jeep, or Land Rover, or Ford, or Chrysler, or Jaguar, or BMW....Take a look....and feel very happy that you Bought your Sorento..and only have the superficial problems you have mentioned.

    Happy Motoring.
  • yea like fumes from exaust,,those kind. I know what new car smell is. And i didnt say I didn'y like my Sorento. I actually like it a lot..Except for my girl who tells me she wanted a did I mention it was in service tooke three months to get the new seat piece. when they put it in they scrathed the new seat and my plastic panels getting it they wont replace with a new one.. but painting the one the scratched...bottom line Truck is ok ...but the service sukz... =)
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Don't blame Kia for your dealer's service dept. Definitely try a different dealer. I know people who have had problems with every dealer make out there. Best thing is to try a better dealer in your area.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    spyer6166 - I'm glad that you like your Sorento. You know... Porsche is a different vehicle at different price range. Anyway, did you mention the problems other than the broken seat track with your dealers? Definitely try a different dealer. Perhaps you can contact the Kia Consumer Affairs about the problem with your dealer.

    I got my Sorento almost four months now, the only problem is the dry door hinges (WD40 didn't help much). to cause the squeaking noise. It looks like they are made by the material other than metal. Plastic?

    The dealer that tried to fix the squeaking noise is keep sending me email to follow up and ask me to come back when the problem comes back again. I couldn't go back because it's almost 20 miles from my house. And I could go to my dealer which is 3 miles away. Anyway, the service is great for both.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Why not try putting a "heavier" grease material on it. Try white-lube or lithium grease. Grease will generally not dry-out as quickly as WD40. Just a thought.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    That's what I thought. But I think that dealer told it's prohibit to use or people don't sell these or something like this. Anyway, I will go to Auto Zone and check one out with other auto detailing items.
  • I'm a Sportage owner thinking of upgrading to a Sorento in the next six to 12 months and just wanted to make a couple of points:

    1) To Brooklyn1951, I think your characterization is largely correct except for one issue: The coax speakers are almost certainly tweeter/woofer units. Since the source of bass sounds is largely undetectable (especially in a small environment such as a car) but treble is very directional, the two satellite tweeters are intended to give front passengers a little better soundstaging/imaging and crisper highs.

    2) Re: squeaking hinges -- I live in San Diego, where WD40 is headquartered, and know from reading our local paper that "WD" stands for "water displacement." Contrary to what many believe, it is NOT a lubricant. A little Web research should turn up lubricants more suited to the long-term task, whether the hinge is metal or plastic (perhaps coated/painted metal?).

    Just my two cents and I hope to join this crew as a Sorento owner later this year or early next year!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
  • That's right on the mark!
  • dimitriedimitrie Posts: 7
    im also having that sound coming from the windshield when the defrost is on..any updates from anyone else on that problem?? is kia aware?? recalls??
  • dalancroft- Your commment about the directionality of high frequencies supports my original post- I said the door mounted speakers were woofer-midrange units- not woofer-tweeter units. Clearly the low door position would be a poor place to locate a high frequency driver, that's why kia mounted them high on the doorpost.
  • StevePIIIStevePIII Posts: 55
    Hey guys,

    Does anyone notice a thud from the front wheel area when going up or down a steep short hill/bump?? like starting up a steep driveway?? I hear it every time i go up or down my drive way (the wheels are usually turned) any sugg. thanks
  • I have a steep driveway that I turn into too. I do not hear a thud noise when I pull in the driveway but I have heard it when it is in 4HI and I am making a sharp turn. It usually happens when I am making a U-turn or backing into a parking spot. Not knowing too much about 4WD, I thought I would see my Dealer about this. I work 12 hour days and haven't had a chance to go yet. If you get yours checked out, please let me know.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    If you have 4-hi, you CANNOT CANNOT drive it on dry pavement with 4-hi engaged!!! 4-hi is only to be used in snowy/muddy conditions. You will ruin your transfer case and your whole 4wd system by driving it on dry pavement with it engaged! 4-hi is not a full-time system.

  • Thanks for the info Mike, but I'm sorry I gave you the impression that I was driving my Sorento in 4WD on dry pavement when I was talking about this past winter in snow. I (unlike some have been accused of) HAVE read my owner's manual. I appreciate you looking out for my Sorento's well-being though!

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181

    You'll get that thumping even in snow/mud on any 4-hi system if you have the wheels turned near full-lock of the steering wheel. Just a nature of the non-variable torque split on the transfer cases of PT systems. I offroad a lot so I am exposed to quite a few PT 4wd systems.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Pasian - Maybe I mentioned this to you before. Few months ago, I first had my Sorento. I somehow switched to 4Lo by accident and don't know how to switch it back. I drove few miles on dry pavement with 4Lo (max. speed 20 to 30 mph). I was wondering if I did any damage to my car.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    is fine if you drove relatively straight. It's not the speed that kills em, it's the turning where one wheel is spinning faster than the other one. You'd know by now if it were damaged :)

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I think there were few turns then drove pretty much straight on highway. It turned into a parking lot. Stopped there and called roadside assistant. It wasn't much helpful instruction from the dispatcher. I finally know how to switch back to Auto. Three months after that, the car has no problem. I guess I don't have to know worry about that incident.
  • ....but today I was driving to work and a tremendous rattle started in the engine bay. I was driving around 90 mph when the noise started. I had no loss of power from what I could tell...and there were no warning lights on the dash I continued my way to work. When I got out of my beloved Sorento...there was a distinct smell of burning oil and plastic. I opened the hood to do an engine inspection...but could not really see anything wrong other than a lot of heat.

    About 4 hours later, I went to start the engine to go to lunch....and the engine would not start...just made a rattling noise as I tried to turn it over. NOT GOOD!!!

    I called Kia roadside service to pick my DEAD SORENTO...and take it back to the dealership. I am waiting unpatiently for the verdict! The initial feedback was a broken camshaft or camshaft bearing...or valve(S). A friend of mine told me that it sounded like a muffler bearing or exhaust manifold is cracked or broken.

    Anyway...does anybody have any ideas??? I'm scared to death...I think my Kia is in bad, bad shape. Any imput would really help. Thanks.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Sorry to hear that. I have no idea. Would high engine speed cause this? Low oil pressure? I am not a mechanic. But it remains me the movie The Fast and the Furious. The guy blew up his engine. Anyway, please keep us the updates on your Sorento.
  • muuffler bearing?
    Not to make light of your problem, but your "friend's" comment of a bad muffler bearing gives me a chuckle. It's kind of like a sky hook or a pail of steam or a left handed monkey wrench. No such thing. She or he is ignorant or takes you for a fool.
    My guess from your symptoms is a broken timing belt and a good chance of damaged valves and pistons. Good luck- I hope Kia will cover it.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is that it is the timing belt. Not sure if the engine is interference or not, but either way it will be covered by Kia for sure.

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I am sure this is no helping. But I checked out the Kia website ( and went to Kia Owners, then click Service Information. It gives you some information on every Kia vehicle and any model year.
    It looks like an online service manual.

    It could be worn or damaged valve stem or valve guide, or faulty auto-lash adjuster, or incorrect timing belt tension.
  • ....mister brooklyn1951! You discovered the single phrase "Muffler Bearings" that shows your insightfulness...and thus solving my pathetic excuse for an APRIL FOOLS joke.

    Thankfully (knock on wood), my Sorento is in perfect running order.

    By the way brooklyn1951, great response...and those other "cliche's" you listed were very funny.

    I hope I have not PO'd everybody here off...I just had to do it. I figured lok888 would freak out and immediatly call Kia and every Kia service station in the USA to find the remedy to my problem.
  • ...your a great person to have in a forum like this...thank you for looking into the fake problem I listed.

    I honeslty appologize for the time you have spent researching the problem. But I hope everybody else that visits this room can see your honesty and willingness to help.

    Take care all! And happy April Fools Day!
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Love those kind of April Fools Jokes!

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    But that is not discourage me to contribute more to this forum. I would be surprise to see a dead Sorento because I ain't see enough live one around yet.
  • I've just never heard of, nor seen, a "woofer/midrange" combination. Not on Crutchfield or any of the many car audio sites I've visited in researching systems for various rigs.

    Again, unless your owner's manual conclusively says different, I would guess that the coax unit in the front doors is full range (woofer/tweeter) with the door tweeters somehow tuned with amp power or capacitors/resistors to simply augment the highs coming from the door speakers.

    Hmmm. If true, the woofer/mid combo would be a new one on me!
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Maybe Kia thinks this should be call two speakers for this two-way speaker on each door. With those 2 tweeters in the front, that makes a total of 10 speakers on the luxury package. It should the woofer and tweeter combination. If this is three-way speaker, you will see woofer, midrange and tweeter. Kia may see it as 3 speakers
  • tedyatedya Posts: 10
    Hi lilac0422or anybody else that may know, I am having pretty much the identical problem with starting my sorento as you have been describing here. Have you had the problem fixed and if so, what was it that the dealer had to have fixed or replaced? Was it in fact the fuel riser? Any help would be appreciated so I can suggest to my kia service manager.
  • lilac0422lilac0422 Posts: 51
    I have not had it fixed yet. I haven't even gone to the dealer because the closest one is quite far away. I am going to wait until the first oil change to deal with it when I have to go there anyway. As long as the car keeps starting, I will be okay. Although it is a little embarassing when your brand new car takes so long to turn over. If you get it fixed or figure out what is wrong, please let me know. Thanks so much. sorry I couldn't help more.
  • tedyatedya Posts: 10
    Lilac0422, I am taking it in this monday and they will be troubleshooting 2 items. One thing they call a fuel regulator and then the fuel pressure riser. I'll let you know what comes of it.
  • rcnncrcnnc Posts: 4
    When I bought my Sorento, on Oct. 18th, I immediately found myself returning it to the dealership for what I thought was an out-of-balance tire(s).

    That didn't fix it, so - the dealership determined that the drive-shaft was installed 180 degrees out - basically meaning it was installed upside down. Now - I know that the drive-shaft is balanced, however, I thought it was a separate balanced piece. I didn't think that it was balanced to match the drivetrain, which would be the ONLY way I could see that it "might" be mounted 180 degrees out. Anyway -

    The drive-shaft has since been replaced, along with the replacement of a semi-solid core bushing on the rear axle to a solid-core bushing (apparently, this was allowing the axle to "shift" a little during heavy acceleration). The replacement of the drive-shaft moved the vibration - I know, I know - sounds weird but prior to this, it vibrated between 60 and 80 mph. Now, it vibrates, and audibly rumbles a little at 50 to 60 mph then the vibration picks up again at around 75. Push it on up to 90 and it feels like you could easily loose control.

    The Technician at the dealership is doing what he can to work with me and agrees that it is not in my head, but unfortunately, KIA seems to put limitations on what he is allowed to "try" to correct the issues with my vehicle.

    Don't get me wrong - I love the Sorento. But at this point, I am ready to put it back on their showroom floor, the hard way!

    I have an EX, AWD fully-loaded. IF anyone had experienced similar issues, and more importantly, gotten them corrected, PLEASE notify me.

    Thanks ...
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