Release bearing/clutch slave cylinder question

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Hi guys (newbie to forum).. I am helping a friend of mine put a new clutch in a 2000 2.4L Z24.......the clutch pedal worked just fine before we pulled the engine out to replace the clutch,..but.....while the motor was out my buddy pushed the clutch pedal which in turn pushed the release bearing out farther on the shaft and now the clutch pedal stays at the floor.....would this cause the clutch cylinder in the bell housing of the transmission to leak fluid or damage it in some way?...any help greatly appreciated.


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    Yeah, the clutch slave could have over-extended and jammed. In any event, when you're doing a clutch you should probably replace the slave cylinder anyway and flush out the hydraulic system, on a 15 year old car. lists a new one for $67 bucks. Did you try pushing the piston back in? I'm just concerned that even if you get it working again, there could be seal damage. Hard to say without looking at it in person.
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    yes i did push it back in but it now it leaks fluid...also it "popped" open if u pull it out by hand ...exposing the spring behind the protective rubber seal.... so in other words it comes apart release bearing ,spring and boot.
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