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Chevy Malibu Maxx



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Drive in any kind of mist and it'll get dirty sooner or later.

    It's a long vehicle so visibility is key when backing up.

  • I can't believe "juice" or ateixeira responded to my post in less than a minute. How so fast?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Dunno, guess it's in my Subscriptions and when I click "Read Subscriptions" this topic comes up first? :-)

    Any how, I recommend Rain-X for all the windows, that should help minimize the problem.

  • To reiterate what Chevyguy said: The General's air conditioning is reliable. That 13-year-old Corsica I replaced for the new Maxx still had the original, unserviced ac putting out cold air when needed. It also still had the original stainless steel exhaust system. I advertised it in the classified for the chain of weeklies I work for and sold it to a guy who bought it for his teenage son, who agreed that it was everything he wanted in a car. It made me proud I had taken such good car of it. Before the Maxx and the Corsica I had a 80 Citation that I sold with 130k miles and the original clutch. If you take good care of a car you don't have to be embarassed because it's not the latest model. I know it's not my business, but if I were Chevyguy I would stick with my 2000 'Bu. It will settle down to absolute reliability before long. The Citation had issues in the first years but then became rock solid. Chevies are best for thrift.
  • Thanks for feedback, ChevyGuy...perhaps the general makes its engines very "tight" compared to the competition. I added a small oil detergent booster (Not the usual STP gunk) just to help things break in.

    Wrt Maxx, the editors at Edmunds seem to have nailed it. Looking very closely, I do see where interior parts don't line up all that well (headliner, door trim). But the Chevy Prism (mostly Toyota) had some similar trim problems, and the Saturn Ion was positively horrible in this respect. Still, it's much better than other Chevy stuff and hopefully is a sign GM is waking up to building "euro" flavor cars without euro reliability problems.

    A rear wiper, if it can be added without causing stress to the hatch metal, would be useful in rainy areas.
  • I really don't think the Maxx should have left the factory without a rear washer/wiper. Let's hope that, should I buy one, the first disaster isn't that I back up over a small child. Basically, it rains in these parts every day, from approx May 1 to Nov 30. It's better in my '00 Bu sedan, because "stuff" doesn't collect as much.

    And I like the looks of the spoiler. Criticisms have been along the lines of spoilers like we see on the Mitsu/Subaru. This was classy.

    My car has been trouble from day one. The stack of repair orders, even squashed, is at least an inch high. This is not the '91 Corsica. I see my dealer WAY TOO MUCH.

    But I've put up with worse things in my life.
  • It's great to have more and more real Maxx owners here. I've had my Maxx since 1/24 but have only put about 500 miles on it. I've had it in snow, sleet and rain, and I have to say the the rear window has kept clear, but I have never understood why all cars come with windshield wipers but ignore the rear window. Isn't rear vision as important? I'm talking sedans too, not just hatchbacks, wagons and SUVs. It's an idea whose time should come, just as rear defrosters, hazard flashers and backup lights are now standard and weren't even thought of when I started driving in the '60s. About the mileage, according to the onboard computer I'm getting about 17 mpg with all stop and go short trip driving. Not great, but the engine is still new, and after the 13 mpg I've been getting in my Jeep Liberty, 17 isn't so bad. I'll be taking it on a short roadtrip to CT this weekend, so I'll be able to test both mileage and the DVD system.
    So far, I am totally impressed with the quality and service I've been getting. OnStar is an example. I was given a phone number in an area code some distance from my home (a Westchester area code for a Long Island phone). I simply spoke with an OnStar adviser and explained my concern yesterday, and today I had a message on my home phone with an apology, a new and appropriate phone number and an extra 30 minutes of airtime to reimburse me for any inconvenience. This sort of service will keep me happy for many years to come.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Rear wipers on sedans are common in Japan. The EVO actually gets one, it's pretty neat.

  • Thanks for comments, folks. I am noting some minor buzzing in the dome light, but so far no electrical or engine problems (save the low MPG).

    One thing I have done to the Maxx is polish it with REJEX, which is made by This stuff is a silicon polish that is used by airlines and the military to protect finishes from exhaust. It works well on the paint to keep bugs from sticking, etc. It also works well on side and rear windows, for the same reason.

    However, I have found that this stuff, and RAIN X, does not work well on windshields. The problem is the silicon transfers to the wiper blades, leaving streaks or causing the wipers to "chatter" as their silicon coated surfaces bind against the silicone coated windshield.
    (that is one reason bearings always have one surface softer/different than the other - to avoid chatter).

    Anyone else here see that problem?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    With Rain X, yeah, I get that chattering too. I wonder if certain wiper blades minimize that.

  • genetageneta Posts: 23
    Had an appointment to drive the Maxx (TL) this morning at my local Chevy dealership in Springfield, VA (suburban DC). Previously I had only seen it at the car show in DC during Christmastime. I have yet to see one on the road.

    Overall the car was very nice to drive and quite, with a very smooth ride (must be extended wheelbase). The engine seemed to have plenty of pep, although it seemed to lag a little bit when putting the pedal down before the revs and power pushed in. Didn't really notice any engine noise as others have described (push rod vs overhead cam). Anyway, driving the Maxx seemed very comfortable, not like when I've driven the latest Camry (can't stand the driver position and windows). The interior did seem a bit on the under whelming side but still its only a car. I've been comparing the Maxx to the Accord EXV6. Both cars have features the other doesn't so comparison is not really completely possible. But I'm a bit swayed to the Accord on repair history -- unless I can get a good deal. And I may have!

    Triedntru (Dave) who works 'Bu the plant sent me a coupon (thanks again) that makes this bit of machinery a very good deal when you add in the GM coupons on top. Okay so here's the deal, the sticker price of the Maxx is $27,945 (again every possible option except engine heater), Edmunds says invoice price is $25,574. Using Triedntru's "GM in the Driveway" coupon (expires 3/31/04) the price drops to $25,974 with ZERO haggling, then $1,000 more off with the current promotion, and finally $1,000 more off with a coupon (expires 3/15/04) I received from GM for a 24-hour test drive (think I got this coupon because I hit the GM Web site or because I have a GM Mastercard). Anyway, we're looking at $23,974 if I can find right the car and color by 3/15/04. (The car I drove did not have DVD or sunroof options.) Seems to me the price difference more than makes up for any difference in value with the Accord. Hope I can find the color I like!!!!
  • Sounds like a great deal - I got a similarly equipped Maxx and ended up paying about $24,100 after all the discounts and rebates. Mine is navy blue metallic - not a bad color, but show all the road dust, so I end up getting it washed every couple of weeks. I'm sold on my Maxx - hope you decide to join the family. By the way, if you do buy the Maxx and decide to get the extended warranty, (or even if you don't) please let me know what your dealer wants for the 84/84 GM Major Protection Plan with $100 deductable... just curious.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 6,401
    I took my Intrigue to the dealer today for some service and while I was waiting I was able to look at the two Maxxes they had in stock. One was a darkish red with the neutral interior, the other was silver with gray inside. I really like the look of the Maxx much better than the regular Malibu. I noticed that they have taken the patterned cloth off the headrests and replaced with the regular coordinating color cloth, which is a good thing in my book. The red one looked really good to me. Its interior came with woodgrain accents and the two-toning of the other materials looked good. The gray interior also had two-toning but it was very subtle and didn't look as good to me. Instead of woodgrain it had some silver trim which looked OK but I really think they need to step up the interior a bit to be really competitive - it just looks a bit plain. I think the Maxx looks better in the darker colors and this red is very attractive.

    The only odd thing I noticed was that the way the rear-seat shoulder harnesses are mounted, there is quite a bit of intrusion into the cargo area. That miight be a bit of a problem if you're looking to carry large, bulky objects. But otherwise I really liked the car.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • there have been comments about the Malibu V6 engine being substantially revised from the previous Malibu engine (the old one was a 3400 series while the new one is a 3500 series).

    Does anyone have some info as to what Chevy actually upgraded in this engine?

    Car and Driver says Chevy reworked virtually every part but doesn't go into any deatils.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    $23K isn't bad especially when you're getting a loaded car.
  • dan165dan165 Posts: 653
    I noticed at the Toronto Auto Show yesterday, the Maxx and Malibus were getting a lot of attention. Nice to see the old Malibu name have a worthy car now. Lots of people checking out the Maxx especially.

    The 3.5L from what I have read is almost completely revised from the 3.4L. Seems like a good powerplant and it's very efficient also, getting better mileage than the 4 cyl. competition.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Does the Maxx have them only above the rear doors and if so, does anyone know why not also in the front? Also, how are owners doing for mpgs? Haven't had time to go through the threads.

  • There are no front assist handles on the Maxx, but both the front and rear doors open very wide, and seat height makes ingress and egress very easy. I'm currently getting about 22 mpg on mixed highway and local driving.
  • genetageneta Posts: 23
    Took a different Maxx out for a test drive with the family. Wife really liked the way the vehicle drives. On this test drive, I felt the car responded better when accelerating hard, did not notice hesitation as before. My wife said she felt some hesitation (drives a 2000 Honda Odyssey). My second drive was very pleasant and I'm very comfortable with how the car handles.

    Anyway, if I can get the price down to a reasonable level I'll most likely go ahead and buy a loaded Maxx -- if the dealer can locate on in the Silver Green color. I've been quoted $25,974 -- before any discounts (see my post #1591 for option details). I'm interested in seeing if we can go lower than this. I'm shopping around on the Internet to see what other dealers may offer. One called to say he could do better if I was serious. We'll see.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The 3500 is much better than the old V6, like night and day. Hard to believe it's a pushrod.

  • Any other tall drivers out there? I'm 6'9" and have been looking for a car that I can fit into for over 3 years, all the while trying to limp along my 1989 Z-71 pickup truck.

    It's amazing how much a difference just a few inches in a car can make. I test drove the Maxx and it is the only car thus far that I can comfortably drive.

    Does anyone else know of large interior cars that might work for me in the low $20k price range? I was shocked that I could not get my legs under the dash of the full sized chevy impala.

    I've tried the GM BuyPower internet quote for dealers around town and they are all coming back between $1700 and $1974 below MSRP for a Maxx LT fully loaded with exception of On-Star. Sound good? I have found one that I really like that is the Silver Green Metallic LT, with only the 1SB option package that adds the sunroof, homelink transmitter, and auto dimming rear view mirror. For this one the MSRP is $25630 and I was quoted $23866.08 before any rebates or discounts. Can I save more than this using the "GM in your driveway" certificate? These certificates only appear to save about $2k off the MSRP, am I correct? Thanks for the help.

    (wish I could get something that gets 40 or 50+ mpg, but I just can't fit into them!!!)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    nice to hear good deals are out there- who knows? The Malibu is already quite affordable. A few grand in discounts could put it cheaper than any Sonata, Optima or Verona out there.
  • First of all, hearty congratulations go out to Coffeecake! We've had our Maxx LT for about 3 weeks and love it. We took a short roadtrip to visit family and took my son and granddaughter with us. They loved the DVD system with the wireless headsets, and I loved being able to listen to my music without any fighting. Hope you have many years of safe and happy miles with yours. And I agree with you - there aren't very many Maxx's on the road yet - I haven't seen any besides mine. When I brought it into the car wash the manager said it was his first too. He took off the mast antenna on the rear for the wash because he wasn't sure how it would fare. It's no problem screwing it back on after the wash - I've done it for each wash since.
    To Bigandtall - the added benefit of the Maxx is having the adjustable pedals that you can adjust to the lowest position, and still have room in the back seat by moving it all the way back. I've never seen a car in this price range with the flexibility and versatility that my Maxx has. As I've said before, the exterior design may not ever be in the Museum of Modern Art, but I'm much more interested in function over form, and I think this car is a winner. Your prices don't sound bad either. I used the "Car in Your Driveway" certificate to get the extra $1,000 rebate. This along with the $1,000 regular rebate, a $300 internet discount certificate my dealer features on their website and the dealer discount of $1,461 off the sticker, and I walked away with a completely loaded Maxx for $24,184 (sticker $27,945) I was very satisfied with the deal. The only other extra I went for was a GM extended warranty (84/84) that cost me just over $2K more. Good luck, and enjoy!
  • I had read an earlier post that a Maxx LS can not be ordered with a sunroof. It is interesting to note that you CAN order the Maxx LS with a sunroof, just not as part of the "1SB" option(which is what most dealers seem to order for their inventory). If you go to the following Chevrolet website,

    and click on "Specifications" toward the left of your screen you can view the Specification Sheet for all Malibu models. Near the top under "EXTERIOR" it shows that the sunroof can be ordered by itself, denoted by the "O" under the "Maxx LS" column. If it required the "1SB" option the "O" should have a superscript numeral "1" next to it.

    You can also order the remote vehicle start system without having to purchase the entire "1SB" option package as referenced in the "INTERIOR" section of this specification sheet.

    Whether or not you can find one sitting on the lot like this is another question all together.

    It is also possible that this is a "typo" on the chevy website. The "" website reports that you can purchase the sunroof on the Maxx LS, but only in addition to purchasing the "1SB" group.

    Two conflicting sources of data. Any clarification? I would hope that the official chevrolet website is not in error.
  • Friday I'm test driving a silver-green Malibu Maxx LS with the "1SB" package AND the sunroof option. MSRP is $23,875 and have been quoted $22,364.63 over the internet. That's $489.63 over invoice for car and options as based on data.

    I can also get a silver-green Malibu Maxx LT with the "1SB" package (that in itself adds the sunroof) for MSRP of $25630 and quoted at $23,866.08 for $374.08 over invoice. Both dealers have $99 documentation fees, but no other hidden fees.

    So is it worth an extra $1500 to get the LT when I really don't care about leather, fog lights, and other small things as long as I get my sunroof?

    In addition, there does not seem to be much wiggle room in these prices. Not like the old days where you could easily get into a dealer's holdback cash below invoice.
  • beer47beer47 Posts: 185
    Hey Troops,
    $24K @ 0% for 48 months is $500 per month, right? If you can negotiate a new loaded Malibu around this number it is still a decent sized payment. If you do high mileage, forget leasing. The only drawback I see is the weak 3/36 warranty. GM & Ford need to step up to at least the Chrysler level of 7/70. Poor brake rotors and other various sub-par parts can really aggravate the average person these days. If you ask the average person if they would rather take a chance on a Camry/Accord or an Impala/Malibu for the same warranty period, guess what the answer is? I think you all know. I would love to buy GM but I think the time is near to put up or shut up. From what I read the new Malibu is terrific, but, give me the piece of mind to go with it. Past performance doesn't do it for GM like it does for Toyota these days. Hey Detroit, are you listening? I hope you are with both ears.
  • Hey guys,

    I just saw the option list for the 05 Malibu sedans and Maxxes. Although I can't go into specifics, it looks like a lot of the options you guys are wishing for on the 04 will come true in 05 along with more option packages.

    It looks like somebody is listening to the customer!

  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
  • I guess that this means that the rear wiper for the Maxx will come true..... rats! I really don't care - I love my Maxx. I keep finding new stuff - today I tried the CD player for the first time - works like a charm. I read a review, I think it was on, that reviewed the sound system and knocked the CD player for being noisy when loading CDs.... I think they must have had a bad one. Mine was churchmouse quiet and worked perfectly. Michael Buble never sounded better (am I dating myself???) I did a major grocery shopping today and when I put the seats down to load the bags into the car I discovered a parcel net that spans the width of the car right behind the seats..... always finding new and wonderful things about my Maxx!
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