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I just acquired a Florida van, I live in Buffalo NY and it is very cold! This morning I started my 2001 Voyager, put the headlights on and all of a sudden the dashboard lit up and everything started to blink. The fuel gauge, door ajar, oil, battery, just to name a few. The check engine light is also on, I noticed that yesterday when it arrived. I was able to drive to work a mile away but the speedometer sort of blinked it did not work correctly, on the odometer the 61 of 61513miles blinked, the wipers worked the heater worked. I don't think this van appreciated the drastic temperature change!!. Any suggestions as to what the problem is?!


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    Better move to Tampa. :D

    Sometimes when electrical stuff goes crazy, the battery is marginal. It may seem to crank the car okay but I'd have it load tested somewhere. Lots of auto parts stores will do that for free. The battery could be older and the cold wouldn't be helping it either. If it's okay, then check the cables.
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    The batter is a Mopar and is 2 years old but I definitely have it checked thanks
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    St Petersburg, that's where it came from!! And yes I do need to move South!! LOL
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    First thing I'd check is the battery---have it load tested. Then check your battery cable connections--both cables on both ends--make sure they are clean and tight and that there is no corrosion anywhere. Then, if that doesn't solve anything, have the charging system tested for output.

    Any variations in voltage will cause your car's computer and other modules to run erratically.

    You should also have the car scanned for trouble codes to see what that CEL is all about.

    It's possible this is temperature related, given how batteries do become weaker as they get colder, but it's also possible that the van had these problems beforehand.
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    Earlier this evening I was playing around with the dial for the interior lights/dash dimmer switch, as I was turning it I noticed the blinking stopped when it was in a certain spot so I think the blinking problem stems from that light switch. Hopefully it will be an inexpensive fix for me.
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    The dimmer switch could affect some of the things you mentioned but I don't think it could light the CEL. However, electrical gremlins can be very weird so your idea is worth pursuing--if for no other reason than to eliminate it as a possible cause.
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    I came across by accident on You Tube and highly recommend you search under your vehicle type and blinking lights on fash. You Tube will show you exactly how to "recallibrate" and solve not only your blinking light problem but many other issues saving you a ton of money if not yur vehicle. This info SHOULD solve your problem and be more available to others cuz whoda thought? . It's simple steps and easy to do. Definitely worth looking at BEFORE you go tearing into things. Sure it will save you a ton of frustrations as well. Good luck!
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