2014 Town & Country - has anyone used a Yakima roof rack?

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I just purchased a 2014 Town & Country. We have a nice Yakima roof rack that fit our now-retired Ford Expedition. I would really like to be able to use this rack on the new minivan, but I'm not sure that will be possible. It looks like the Yakima systems worked with vans 2010 and earlier.

Our existing rack uses the Yakima Railgrabber system to mount to the vehicle but that won't fit on this vehicle. I've been told we could use the Control Towers, but looking at a photo of them, they don't look like they'll work. We need to be able to carry both a luggage pod and a kayak on the roof, so I need something wider than the rack that comes standard on the minivan. Our Yakima bars are 58" wide and we need that much space.

Has anyone successfully mounted a Yakima rack on a 2014 T&C minivan?
Thank you.


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    You may want to check with the GCA or one of the other Southeast canoe clubs.

    My old towers would work on my '09 Grand Caravan if I ever get around to buying new clips, dunno about the newer vans. May want to ask Yakima directly too.
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    Yeah, I'd contact Yakima on this one because if you jury-rig something based on what someone's uncle told someone's cousin what to do, that might turn out to produce unfavorable results, or money wasted, or damage to the vehicle. For me, roof racks are like towing equipment--you don't want to be wrong.

    YAKIMA --- 888-925-4621.
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