VW GTI reliability?

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hi everyone new to the forum. I'm looking forward to purchase a new car and GTI is one of my list. I don't expect vw to be reliable as honda/toyota like 150k miles, but I do not want a car with such a headache and crazy maintenance fees. I'm want the car to run 100k miles. I know its too early for 2015 to ask reliability, but has anyone experience problems with current or old models? This is my first european and I need some advices..

Thanks in advance.


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    I had a 2009 VW GTI DSG, car ran like an absolute champ. I had one issue, through out its 71k lifetime. It was one coilpack had gone bad, simple and cheap fix though. I'd still have it now if it werent for the manhole that literally ate it.
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    The GTI reliability ratings for the past few years haven't been awful but they're not great either. I guess the best term is "mediocre" or "so-so". Iffy?
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    I'd agree with Mr_Shiftright. I'd say average. It takes Consumer Reports about a year to compile and collate. If you want to see "raw data", take a look at TrueDelta.

    My 2011 GTI 5-speed manual had no issues, other than the ones I caused.
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    I have a 2013 base GTI with DSG with only 45k mi. I wish that I could say that it was trouble free but I have had some problems which were small when the car was under warranty but now it could get expensive. Under warranty, I had the ignition lock cylinder replaced but just this week, it has failed again and now must be paid for out of my pocket to the tune of 2 hrs labor plus parts. I've also had the shifter knob side covers repaired/replaced twice and are loose again. In the first couple of years I had some random power window switch malfunctions that have not returned either because of updates or were just random computer glitches. Zero issues with the powertrain although there is a learning curve to living with the DSG. Now I'm concerned about future valve/head carbon buildup issues that appear to be common with VAG direct injection engines. Despite excellent performance, interior, and fuel economy, I am considering leaving the VAG for Korean or Japanese autos.
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    I need to update my ignition interlock issue. I switched keyfobs and the second keyfob appears to be working so the problem might be just a keyfob battery issue, not a lock cylinder. I cancelled my appointment with the dealership. I am disappointed in that dealership now for not knowing that this could just be a key fob issue and potentially charging me for a new, unnecessary ignition lock cylinder. Even when I told the service manager about my second key working he was unaware of any transponders or proximity sensors in the ignition lock. I will replace the battery in my first keyfob and test it again.
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