My Expedition ran out of gas. Now it won't stay started?

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Hello, my expedition was running great. Then I accidently ran out of gas. Went an got gas now it won't stay running. I reset the fuel pump. Changed the fuel filter. Changed the air intake valve. It fires right up but I have to give it gas to keep it from bogging out and during.
I also cleaned the throttle body and checked all applicable fuses relays. I'm thinking it might be a sensor in the exhaust or somewhere around there not letting it idle. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • ralphyfrm608ralphyfrm608 Member Posts: 2
    Check ur hoses make sure there us no leaks if thta not it try replacing the iac had the same thing on my 99 was a small connect hise right under the iac
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    Why don't you get a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and see what's up. Maybe the fuel pump was damaged, or the fuel pressure regulator. If you pull the vacuum line off the regulator and fuel dribbles out, the reg is toast.

    Specifications for Fuel Pressure Reading

    Key ON, Engine RUNNING 193-310 kPa (28 to 45 psi)
    Key ON, Engine OFF 240-310 kPa ( 35 to 45 psi)
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