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Dodge Magnum



  • cuppcupp Posts: 5
    Have 18k on my RT took delivery 10/04. It has just a small rt. pull problem. had it in today for an oil change (Chicago area)& mentioned to the service rep. that the tires were already worn out. All 4 are down to the wear bars on the tires. He said he contacted DC to see about replacements, will let me know tomorrow. Has there been any luck with this by anyone?
  • Where can I locate the mfg. date of my RT? I bought mine Dec. 30th. It has a slight drift to the right. I had the dealer re-align the car. It seems to be better but I'm keeping an eye on it and the wear on my tires.

  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    To have automatic headlights on a Magnum, simply buy the 300C headlight switch for about $50. Once you change the switch, you will have the automatic lights.
  • judescarjudescar Posts: 14
    Please delete my post if you can.....thanks
  • blh7068blh7068 Posts: 375
    "Where can I locate the mfg. date of my RT?"

    The "Manufactured by..." sticker is on the painted section of the door where the latch mechanism is.

    Keep in mind the date you purchased is completely independent of the vehicle build date-it may be one they just got in or one they have for few months. A good first guess is how many miles were on your car when you test drove it.

    My RT only had three miles- so w/o looking at the sticker I knew it was fresh on the lot.
  • ken5ken5 Posts: 11
    Here are the instructions on how to make the swap with Chrysler headlight switch (part #: 4602348AC.

    To remove the lower panel:
    1. Open the driver’s door
    2. Where the dash meets the door frame there is a long thin plastic trim piece aprox 10” long. Gently remove it by pulling the bottom part first then the top. There are two clips that hold it in; they will give to gentle pulling.
    3. Now with that removed you will see the first of 2 screws to remove. Remove this screw.
    4. The second screw is under the dash, you can’t miss it. Remove this one too.
    5. THIS IMPORTANT!! Take not of how the lower dash piece meet up with the door frame. Putting it back the same way will help aligning the screw holes.
    6. Now you can remove the lower trim piece. It is held on with 4 clips just like the side trim piece. To the right of the steering wheel there are 2 clips, one up and one down. To the left the clips are both on the top side by side. Gently pulling forward will release the clips.
    7. Now the trim piece will be detached except for the parking brake release cable. You do not need to remove this from the trim piece.
    8. Now you reach up and behind the old switch and remove it.

    Just reverse the procedure for reinstall of the panel.
  • hmk123hmk123 Posts: 122
    Thanks for the great instructions. I will give that a try once I got the switch!
  • carlvr2carlvr2 Posts: 1
    I just test drove a magnum and love it, noticed a right pull!!

    is this a common problem, the car has 100 miles on it.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Done :)

    Host - Wagons
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    Some early production Magnums and 300s pulled to the right, but that old issue has been addessed. I have driven several, and none pulled.

    I always like saving money, prefer cloth seats, and really want a smooth and quiet ride, so drove an SXT recently. It does ride more smoothly than the RT, and the cloth seats will be better in summer. The 3.5 V6 is fast enough, certainly as good or better than the 2002 Mountaineer V8 I will sell, plus the 2006 3.5 V6 models will have the Mercedes-Benz design 5 speed automatic, not the old Chrysler 4 speed used in the 2005 models, so the 2006 cars should be slightly quicker and provide slightly better mileage. I ordered the following:

    2006 Magnum rear wheel drive
    PPK Magnesium exterior color
    B7D1 cloth seats with dark slate gray and light graystone interior
    NAS Emission Equipment, 50 state
    EGG V6 3.5 HO
    26G Quick Order package, SXT
    AMU Performance appearance group (will be standard in 2006)
    RC-6 Boston Acoustics speakers
    RAK - radio with 6-disc CD changer, casette, MP3
    ADB protection package
    RSP U-connect (Bluetooth)
    RSA Sirius radio
    XAP power pedals

    By the way, the performance appearance group and the revised SXT wheels significantly improve the look of the SXT models. The first 300 I saw was an SXT rental, and the unattractive completely painted wheels really detracted from the car.
  • regarding an earlier question on how to determine your vehicle manufacture date, please go to page 249 of your owners manual for instructions on how to decipher the vehicle certification label on the inside of the drivers door. You will be able to determine the month, date and hour (MDH) your car was manufactured..
  • donnak1donnak1 Posts: 39
    I hate to burst your bubble, but for some of us, the right pull issue has NOT been resolved and at the rate Chrysler is going, it will not be unless we open a very nasty can of worms. There are a couple of us who have had our Magnums in the service dept. over 3 times and still have the right drift/pull. It is very annoying and we are ready to talk to lawyers. Just because you haven't found one doesn't mean the issue is solved. At my dealer, near Chicago, every one I've driven has pulled to one extent or another. Mine was made in June 04, and has pulled since the day I test drove it in September 04.

  • ppugppug Posts: 9
    I have noticed a growl (for lack of a better word) when coming to a stop and turning tightly like into a parking space..... I am catching up on the posts so hpoefully there is an answer.
  • ppugppug Posts: 9
    I am in Illinois too... crappy Palatine dodge, worse libertyville dodge, and worst gurnee dodge.... is there a good illinois dealership?

    I am bringing my car into Feeny Dodge monday to have my Pull problem looked at and also my bizarre problem of AM stations not working....

    Still love the car, but it is becoming more of a love/hate relationship then a love/lust
  • donnak1donnak1 Posts: 39
    Welcome to my world and judebaby in Florida. When you take your car in Monday regarding the pull, see if the service manager will give you the story that "all cars pull to the right-it's a safety feature built in to keep you from having a head on collision". I'm just curious if Chrysler sent out a nationwide memo on what to tell the Magnum and 300 customers when confronted with the pull issue. I am having mine looked at by a Chrysler mechanic next week at a different dealer. This guy actually fixed the right pull in a 300. It has something to do with the REAR adjustments on the alignment and a couple of bolts acutally installed UPSIDE DOWN.When he fixes mine, I will have him write down the exact numbers to take either to you dealer (IF he will actually do it) or to an alignment shop and send the bill to Chrysler.
    Hang in there all you "rightys"!!!
  • tlktlk Posts: 21
    To catch you up on the posts...mine (AWD RT) did the same thing and it got worse with the miles. they ended up putting in a new front differential. It will also start to whine at speed, in addition to the growl. The service tech (a guy that has been around for a long long time, sez the diff is not sufficiently robust, in his opinion, to handle the HP from the HEMI. How many miles you got? I bet around 10K. Good luck.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    2006 MY changes - Chrysler 300 & Dodge Magnum/Charger

    -Cool Vanilla limited to retail units (not available for Fleet)
    -Stone White added as Fleet Only availability
    -Silver Steel Metallic Clear Coat replaces Mineral Grey
    -Deep Lava Red replaced by Linen Gold Metallic Pearl Coat

    -Performance Appearance Group content added to Magnum SXT (Bright Grille Inserts, Bodyside Molding with Bright Insert, Fog Lamps, Body-colored Folding Heated Mirrors, 3.5L High Output Engine badge, Bright Headlamp Bezels)
    -Performance Appearance Group option dropped
    -Fender Molding Dropped from Magnum SXT's
    -300 Touring/Limited Bodyside Moldings changed to RT design
    -300 Touring/Limited, SXT Exterior Mirrors changed from folding to fixed (Magnum, Charger SXT)

    -Fold-flat Front Passenger Seat (Late Introduction, Magnum/Charger SXT, RT)
    -Rear Door Ash Receivers removed from Smoker's Package
    -Auto/Auto graphic added to sunroof switch (commonization)
    -SXT/RT get Ash Receiver Door with Chrome Accent
    -SXT (Leather)/RT get Satin Silver lower steering wheel spokes
    -SXT/RT gets new Center Stack Bezel - Satin Silver (Magnum/Charger SXT/RT)
    -Boston Acoustics badge added to mirror flag door trim

    -New Tire Pressure Monitor Warning (300 Touring/Limited)
    -New Tire Pressure Monitor Display (300C)
    -Optional DVD Video Entertainment System in Center Console (Magnum/Charger SXT, RT)
    -AM/FM/CD Radio (REF) gets Auxiliary Audio Input Jack
    -Seat Belt Alert added
    -SXT RWD new 17" Machined Aluminum Wheel (Magnum, Charger SXT)
    -300 Touring new 17" Machined Aluminum Wheel (300 Touring)
    -RT 18" Aluminum Wheel made optional on RWD SXT's (Magnum, Charger SXT)
    -3.5L Engine RWD Models get W5A580 Transmission (Sept 2005, 300 Touring, Limited)
    -2.7L Engines receive Variable Line Pressure (VLP) Transmissions (300, Magnum/Charger SE)
    -Auto Headlamps & Express-up Windows added to Convenience Grp II (Magnum RT)

    -New Police Packages (Magnum, Charger)
    -Charger Daytona Package (Charger RT)
    -New SRT-8 models (6.1L Hemi & WA580 AS trans, 20x9.0 wheels, Magnum/Charger)
    -Fleet Safety Convenience Group (300, Magnum/Charger SE)
    -All Dodge Models get Hood Props, Chrysler models get Gas Props
    -Cold Weather Group replaced by Engine Block Heater
    -Optional Comfort/Convenience Group added to 300 Touring(includes: Power Passenger Seat, Heated Seats, Express up/down Windows)
  • judescarjudescar Posts: 14
    As Donna already knows, I went to the dealer today and drove a 2005 Magnum mfg on 2-5-2005 and it is NOT an old issue...It pulles also. Mine was mfg 9-30-2004. Of course the General Manager says his Magnum doesn't pull to the right....Wonder Why??? I will be taking mine to someone else to be looked at and will proceed from there and the GM says he will call the factory...Wish me luck. I have had it to the dealer three times.
  • scnzzzscnzzz Posts: 1
    I couldn't agree more. although this seems to vary from dealer to dealer. Sunnyvale Chrysler Jeep Dodge (Bay Area, CA) has 6k markups on EVERY SINGLE R/T on the lot - with no value add to show for them. BTW, lots of inventory at this dealer :).

    A nearby dealer sold me the car (R/T, relatively lightly loaded - after all, it's all about the Hemi) under sticker. Same car. Much more pleasant experience. Didn't insult my intelligence by offering me a "special internet deal, huge savings - and still substantially over MSRP" like the Sunnyvale dealer did.

    I'm aware that it's the dealer's prerogative to add to the sticker for popular models. But with the '06 coming soon, it's hard to stomach this sort of gouging - especially with competition in the area doing better than sticker. I guess there's a sucker born every minute, and these guys are counting on that.

    The sad thing is that this sort of thing gives DC a bad name, and frankly, of the big 3, I see DC leading the way in making the US auto industry a world player, with GM and Ford far behind.
  • Donna,

    Does the mechanic that fixed the right pull on the 300 plan to share that info with DC so they can have a recall and get all of us fixed?

  • Hello all. I've been reading this forum for months and thought I would finally offer my 2 cents. I just ordered a R/T RWD, Midnight Blue, Sunroof, Elect. Gp., Elect. Grp. II, and 6 -CD. Will come in as a 2006. 2005 MSRP is 33,600. I got mine here in the Boston area for invoice, with my option to trade my Sport Trac at delivery. I too have seen a few dealers still with $2K markups; needless to say the snow covers those cars on the lot! I think the time is finally here that these cars can be bought reasonably. I see plenty of inventory on lots, thought not so many R/T's, but they are there. I found going in and proving you know just how these cars are priced shortens your negotiations. Buy with your head, not your heart. The heart part will come when you drive it!
  • judescarjudescar Posts: 14
    Update...Have not heard from the General Manager at the dealership. He was supposed to call the factory MOnday and get back to us. It is Tuesday evening. Guess I will be seeing him again if I don't hear anything by Friday. At least we gave him a chance, so let's hope he does the "right" thing.
  • Hey beach15, good info. As I mentioned in my posting I am expecting delivery of a 2006 early May. I was wondering where this info came from? I searched but came up empty. Any chance the folding passenger seat might get into my build date? And I am assuming Deep Lava Red is a 300 color? Also, do you think the dealer was correct in quoting 8-10 weeks for delivery? He does seem to sell a good share of Magnums so I expect his allotment is better than average. Thanks for the info.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Deep Lava Red (aka Deep Molten Red) has been used on the trucks for a couple of years. It borders on maroon, but without the blue undertones that would lean it towards purple.

    Host - Wagons
  • So I am assuming it being a Dodge truck color then beach15's info. suggests it will be a Magnum color, not a 300 color?

  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Nope. For 2005 the Lava Red was a 300 color only. The Magnum got Inferno Red which later became Blaze Red, which is what I have. It is possible that for 2006 Dodge will add the Lava Red to the Magnum, but I seriously doubt it.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    DC has pretty much eliminated (well, definitely blurred) that "truck color vs car color" distinction. If they think it looks good, they offer it until sales say otherwise.

    Host - Wagons
  • cuppcupp Posts: 5
    Try South Holland Dodge, fantastic service dept. Service manager said right pull problem is an easy fix
  • ppugppug Posts: 9
    Does anyone know where to pick up a manual or how hard it is to take off the bezel for the radio? I have a navigation system that I am going to put in to replace the current radio.
  • bill35bill35 Posts: 1
    ialso just took delivery of a magnum hemi.the exasust is too quiete for my taste. has anyone fixed this and how also i need info about the towing package what extra things do i have to buy everybody i talked to at the deler seemed a little confused. helb
    bill 35
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