Low oil pressure problem!

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My 2008 Suburban,which I bought used, not informed that the cam bearing had been replaced before I purchased it. It is obvious the engine has a cam shaft bearing problem that causes low oil pressure at the pressure sensor. While it was under the drive train warranty they replaced the sensor, oil pump, and then rebuilt the engine. Per GM rep, the dealership wanted to replace the engine, but GM would only go for a rebuild. Now less than two years later this problem has come up again. I have talked to GM, they want the dealership service to run a diagnostic on the problem, after On Star has ran their diagnostic, and informed me it is the oil pressure AGAIN! Waiting on dealership service to call back to set up appointment to get this done, so I can fight with GM to fix my car. Hopefully they will do the right thing, and make things right! I give that a BIG DOUBT!


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    So does your oil light go on now?
  • mlaniermlanier Member Posts: 23
    Yes! It came on and it went out, then it came back on. Going to dealership in the a.m., they can not believe it came back on. They are hoping it is a sensor or wire harness. So am I!
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