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2015 428 Xi Lease

axreddyaxreddy Member Posts: 3
edited February 2015 in BMW
I have a quote for a 2015 428 Xi MSRP 44800.

I am in Texas, so have to pay 6.25% for entire value.
I asked for all costs to be rolled into the cap cost. (Including Tax, Title, Aquisition, Doc fee, etc)

So only thing I pay is my first month payment at delivery, and then pay that same amount for 39 month lease.
I am getting 12k miles per year

The monthly payment quoted in this case is $554. Is this a good deal? This is all the information I have.


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    axreddyaxreddy Member Posts: 3
    Below is my latest detail I have from the dealer. Please advice..

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    MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 242,938
    axreddy said:

    Below is my latest detail I have from the dealer. Please advice..

    .00130 MF and 61% for 39/12 - not sure why the dealer shows 60% residual - that is the residual for the 2 door coupe, not the Gran Coupe.

    Anyway, with your MSRP and out the door price, I get a payment of $524.80. My guess is that the dealer is marking up the MF on you for extra profit.

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