I had a new radio put in my van and now my door chime won't stop chiming when I drive, what do I do?

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My van never did this until I had this radio put in. I was told my van doesn't recognize the new radio because it's not the factory radio. Is there an adapter or wire or something I need to get or what, help?


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    Did you do the work? Does the radio work?

    "Splicing" wires these days can be kind of tricky since the car computers talk to so many sensors.

    I think I'd try disconnecting the radio and see if I could get back to where you were before you started connecting wires. If that cures the chime issue, then do some more research on the radio install.

    If the chime doesn't go off, you may have to see a tech.
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    Thanks, the radio works great, except for the chiming. I didn't do the work because I don't know anything about it. I paid a guy to put it in, and when I went back to him to tell him what was going on, he said that it wasn't anything he done, that it could be anything so I guess he's out of the picture. I'll see if I can find someone to straighten it out but if it's an adapter or a wire I have to order, then I have no idea where to find one or where to look. Thanks again.
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    Ha, I bet the installer did it and the installer should fix it. If the van doesn't "recognize" the radio why did the installer put it in (or did you buy the radio and find the installer?).

    It could be a coincidence but I doubt it.
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    I bought the radio somewhere else. Yeah, he should take care of it though....
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    Well, you'd have a stronger case if the installer had purchased the radio.
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    I asked AutoZone and a friend of mine that knows about installing car cd players (I should have asked him in the first place) they both said they I probably need an adapter because my van isn't recognizing the aftermarket cd player but no one knows what kind of adapter, anyone know what kind of adapter I would need?
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    I'm not very convinced of that explanation. Is he saying there is a chime for when a car doesn't recognize a CD player? And if your friend "knows about" installing car CD players, why doesn't he know more about this 'adapter'? If the car didn't recognize the CD player, it wouldn't work, right? But it does. So all of this makes no sense to me, at least as you have told it to us in the limited space available. I think (my two cents) that the installer might have tapped into a circuit he should not have. I would suggest re-wiring the stereo to a different power source and see what happens.

    I guess I'm saying that I'm wary of explanations that are more complicated than the simplest explanation being dealt with first.
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    I'm sorry that it sounds confusing, it's because I don't know much about this stuff. The best way I can explain it is, I've been told that new radios nowadays are more than just radios. They're like computers too somehow or another and supposedly my van is chiming (while I'm driving down the road) because the new radio is like a foreign object, like putting it in broke the lines of communication that my van had with the factory radio. My friend isn't an expert on putting radios in, he's more of a mechanic. I'm not saying all this is 100% accurate just what I've been told by the guy at AutoZone because he had a similar problem and my friend thinks it as well. I still haven't had anything done to it yet because my friend has been working, when he's able I'm gonna get him to unhook the radio then hook it back up. Thanks for all the input.
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