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i am fairly new to leasing. I am leasing my current 2013 Santa Fe but I was clueless when I leased it and think I got a bad deal. My current lease expires in 12 months and I am looking at getting a Sonata next time around. I want to make sure that I don't get taken advantage of again. Here is my main question:
Does the dealership use incentives to determine their ultimate selling price or will they reduce their price off of MSRP in addition to the incentives? Here is my example. Hypothetically let's say that I am looking at leasing a 2015 Sonata Sport. This model has an MSRP of around $24,000. If I tell the dealership that I am prepared to lease the car at a price of $21,500 will they use my qualified incentives to arrive at that number or will they just cut their price PLUS use incentives? I should qualify for owner loyalty and any lease cash that may be available at the time of lease inception. This will bring the price of the car down by at least $1,500 just from the incentives. It looks like I could feasibly get this car (based on Edmunds Price Promise and Truecar) for as low as $20,000 without adding the incentives. So adding the $1,500 worth of incentives to their selling price of $20,00 it seems that I could get this car down to a pre tax price of around $18,500. Is this true or will the dealer tell me that their best price includes the incentives already? Based on what I am reading in these forums the only negotiable number in determining the cost of a lease is the selling price of the car. It seems like I should get the dealer to give me their best price (without the incentives) so I can determine how low they are actually agreeing to sell me the car. Does this make sense? Thanks for your help


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    Negotiating the selling price on a lease is no different than on a purchase. Never assume that the dealer will deduct further incentives from the price you have negotiated. Anything not spelled out exactly will be resolved in the favor of the dealer. Find out what incentives you are eligible for, and subtract those from a fair price, and offer that amount.

    Be aware that some purchase incentives may not be the same as the lease incentives.

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