Hyundai Elantra wandering steerage

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I purchased a 2012 Hyundai in June 2014. Until I took it on trip, I was thrilled with handling and performance. It has a lot of power for such a small car which gets me out of situations when pulling into traffic, and handles curves nicely. However, driving a straight line, which should be a piece of cake is in fact a nightmare. Even with both hands on the wheel I am constantly having to correct from left to right to keep it going somewhat straight, making long trips extremely tiring and uncomfortable. I took the car to the local dealer and they said they had had many complaints but it is just characteristic of the Elantra . From what I am seeing here though, it looks like an issue with more with all Hyundai products. Interesting note here too is that I rented a Nissan Altima, 2014, and it had the same issues. I think it all boils down to no pride in workmanship anymore.


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    My 2013 Elantra does the same thing. Pulls to the right.
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    We have a 2013 auto Elantra with 205x55x16 inch wheels & tires & 2016 manual Elantra with 195x65x15 inch wheels & tires. Both cars track the road OK, but the 2016 has more precise steering. Either, the 2016 electric steering is better than years past, or the Elantra was originally designed for 195x65x15 inch tires & the popular wider & bigger wheels & tires don't work as well. We inflate tires higher than normal, 39-40psi, which does NOT wear tires prematurely. On the 2013, we just switched tires from the Hankooks(well worn at only 31,000miles with featherfoot driving) to same size Goodyear Comfort Touring tires, & they steer the same way.... just OK. I feel that the 2016 steering is probably better. Several unadvertised items are better on the 2016, including the steering, better paint, quieter & smoother engine, quieter interior, & better suspension.
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    Texas is a pretty big place. Maybe a zip code would help?
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    own a 2016 elantra and have been seriously disappointed w/ steering and control. this car tracks the road worse than any model i have ever driven. Anyone know if an aftermarket modification would apply better handling? Stiffer bushings, control rod ,? anything. love the car, millage, styling. hate to drive it.
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