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I'm considering buying a USED 2015 Tahoe LT (with 15-30K miles on it) from a dealer. Trouble is, because this is a new model year, neither Edmunds nor KBB have any used pricing info available. Most dealers are asking anywhere between $43-48K for a pre-owned 2015 LT. I realize this is a substantial discount off the ORIGINAL price and takes into consideration average depreciation, but not sure it's a good price based on the high mileage for the year. Would love to hear from anybody out there who's also purchase a New-Used - or has thoughts on how to figure fair price. Thanks!


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    Well I would price out a brand new one with the same features that you're looking at for the used one, using Edmunds True Market Value tools. This will give you a "target price", not the MSRP.

    Once you know what you are likely to actually pay for a new one, then you can decide if the dealer's asking price for the USED 2015 can be lowered enough to even make this deal worth your time. If the difference between new and used is only $1500--$2000, you might as well buy new. Miles are miles, and they've eaten into your warranty, regardless of what "year" the truck is.
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    Agreed! Thanks!
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