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Hello everyone,

I went to the dealership last week to price out a customized Ford Transit Connect Titanium LWB. Gave the guy all the options that I wanted and the price he gave vs what I saw on the ford.com was way off. I noticed a bunch of other options that I didn't pick were listed on the printout he created for me and he explained thats how it's gotta be. the options i chose are in different packages and i cant order it without all the other crap that i don't need. he even showed me the screen and it looked like the system just automatically added the packages, not just the few items i asked for. Then I called ford customer service to confirm if this was true and they said no. This the my 2nd time buying a car and first time customizing. Is this how it works at all dealerships? If not, how should I talk to my dealership? Should I go to another place instead? Thanks for your advice in advance!

there are the features that i asked for:
trailer tow package
my ford touch
mid vehicle overhead console

the crap that got added on
quickclear windshield defrost
roofrack including crossbars
remote state
front and rear sensing system


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