Transmission problem or not?

mrbreaksitmrbreaksit Member Posts: 2
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Ok so i have a 2001 cougar 5 speed manual and iv replaced the alternator, cam shaft sensor, crank shaft sencor, battery, fuel filter, gave my fuel a cleaning, changed the oil , and still when i go into neutral at stops she's not really in neutral i have to keep it above 1000 rpm or hold the clutch the entire stop or it putters dead so whats left is it my bearings in the tranny or possibly another sensor. My next move is to clean the transmission . I never said i was smart 


  • mrbreaksitmrbreaksit Member Posts: 2
    It also shows signs of electrical things like surges but the check engine light is finally gone 
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 233,025
    I'm not a mechanic, but that sounds more like a fuel/engine problem of some sort. If anything transmission related, I'd guess the clutch and not the transmission.

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