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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am in southern CA and the 4runner incentives were only on non-AP packages. Was this different anywhere else in the country? I would have bought a 4runner this weekend if they had the same incentive on the AP package.
  • Drove by. Saw it tonight. Sep 2. Don't know if they just arrived today or not, but got to be between 50-60 suv on the lot.

    Does not look like a tight supply here. Demand won't be too great until gas price dip below $1.80.

    Just my $.02.
  • read the rule. Sorry buddy.
  • Hi,
    Have researched the 1996-2002 generation of 4Runners, and unless someone gives me $10k, I probably will buy used and not the 2003.

    Are there good discussions about what are the best years for used 4Runners?

    Or can we start one here?
  • I am looking to purchase an '03 4 runner SR5, 4X4, V8. Does anyone have any recent experiences with any dealership in Oklahoma. I am also interested in doing most negotiating over the phone. Any suggestions.
  • Firstly, you would not need an extra $10K for a 2003 because the resale value on used 4Runners are the highest in the industry. 2002s are selling for $24-26K. A new 2003 Sport costs $30K.

    Second, 2003s are much better than previous models because of several important changes. Engine size - now have a 245 hp 4.0L V6 and a 235 4.7L V8. Downhill Assist Control - only found on Range Rovers and X5. Hill start assist, traction control and Vehicle Stability Control. More room - length and width. X-REAS, developed by Yamaha and standard on Sport Ed., - makes the vehicle handle better than any other truck-based SUV. Do I need to continue?
  • I agree with your line of reasoning, and I have researched the new 03 4Runner exhaustively.

    However, money is money, and if $20k is what is allocated for a vehicle then that is the stake in the ground, and from there I must move to find the best "used" option.

    I hope to find a 2001 for $20k.

    Can I assume that no appreciable differences exist year to year for used 4 Runners from 99 to 02?

    If so, I should buy the lowest mileage, best maintained, least abused for the lowest price.

    Is this a fair statement?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    It's ok to name dealers and the city/state they are in. We ask that names or contact info of individuals not be posted; keeps the shill content down. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • So why buy used?

    But if you do, it's your money your choice. Thanks for keeping high resale value for 4Runner.
  • I don't know whether this dealer or Camelback is the largest Toyota dealership in AZ. But Tempe Toyota has expanded rapidly.
  • this is shown on paper today ..but not on units with appearance pkg. What does this mean? deal, deal, deal.

    So good luck and remember don't wait for the old car to break down to visit the dealer.

    So long.
  • Last nite, I bought an '04 LTD V8 Black, Nav, Sunroof, X-REAS, Side-airbags, rear spoiler, DRL, Preferred package (mats, etc). MSRP is $42,656. Paid $38,056 + TDA ($325) + tax/title.

    I'm in Chicagoland area. The dealership is Schaumburg Toyota. This '04 was their only '04 4Runner on the lot and it arrived there last Thu.

    Upside is that I think I got a good deal on an '04! Downside is that the wife is driving it, and not me. :( :)

  • August 25th I purchased one of the last 03 4Runner's they had on the lot. Titanium Silver SR5 V6 4WD (w/ body colored molding), 17" wheels/tires, moonroof, spolier. Sticker was 31,600... got it for 27,700. Of course, I paid a bit more since I was upside down on the 02 Altima I had for just over a year. That thing depreciated like crazy! Oh well, it's only $$.
  • [I posted this on the 4Runner board a few days ago, but it seems more useful here]
    I was at a no-haggle dealer in the DC area this weekend and was told that they are currently getting $1400 dealer cash for 03 4Runners with cladding and $700 for 03 4Runners without the cladding. They subtract this from the no-haggle price. They had an SR5 with cladding sitting in the showroom that was built in 10/02. Yikes - already a year old when you buy it....
  • Hi all

    This is my first time posting. I spoke with a dealer last night in southern NJ - he has an '03 4Runner Sport V6 with the usual options - running boards, spoiler, moonroof and appearance package. With a $750 rebate he quoted me $29,523. He's going to look for a Sport with cladding (if so it's $1500 off). Do you think this is a good price or can I find better?

  • Did you get the third row seat option, and if so how was your cargo space reduce? I curious to see how Toyota managed that third row seat back there.
  • Last night I bought an 03 SR5 V6, with no has the appearance package, not the black cladding. Price before taxes, license, etc. $24,998 (1.9% financing). I tried and tried to get it even lower with all the dealers in my area, but some wouldn't even budge below $25,800 for the same basic trim. I wanted to wait in hopes that an incentive would eventually come out, but the silvers in my area were going quick (I could hardly find a silver/basic trim in my area, as opposed to a week and a half ago). I wanted silver bad enough that I'll be satisfied if an incentive does come out. Hope I LOVE it!
  • pretty basic, huh?
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127

    Does the Edmund's invoice numbers include TDA? Or does one add TDA to it to compare with the actual dealer invoice. I am negotiating an 04 build order for $100 over invoice but the dealer's invoice is higher than Edmunds by roughly the TDA figure. I seached through the message threads but most don't clarify if TDA is included. Also, any comments on if this is reasonble for an 04 would be appreciated. I am looking for a Titanium Sport V8 4x4 in the pacific northwest and can not find one, so pursing an order (if you know of one, let me know). Thanks in advance.
  • I recently purchased a horse and needed to trade my 2003 VW Passat GLX for a Toyota 4Runner. After doing my research on Edmunds, I visited two dealerships. The difference was incredible. At Toyota of Dallas they had a 2004 SR5 model with leather, moonroof, etc. MSRP 31,237. They offered to trade for my 2003 Passat plus $8,000 difference. At Toyota of Plano they showed me a closeout model 2003 SR5 with leather but no moonroof. MSRP 29,827. They wanted my trade-in plus $14,500 difference for the older model with fewer options. To make matters worse, when I said no thanks and asked for the keys to my car to leave, they refused to give them back to me, and were highly offended that I didn't want to negotiate with them any further. Talk about high pressure. Frankly, it was the worst experience with a dealership that I have had in my 30 years of trading cars. Needless to say, I prefer Toyota of Dallas.
  • No. No 3rd row seat for me. I wanted the NAV, X-Reas, and Sunroof. Having 3rd row would means none of those things.

    Edmunds price does not have TDA included. I haven't seen a site that includes TDA in the invoice price. $100 over inv + TDA is pretty good I think for an 04.

  • Does anyone out there know of any good dealers for the 04 4Runner in MA? Live in Western MA but heard that the dealers out near Boston are offering better prices. Any truth to this? Looking for a black V6 SR5, 4X4 with 3rd row seating.
  • Bought a 2004 V6 2WD Limited Edition 4Runner w/FE, EJ, SR, GY, RF, RL, CF. MSRP $36,654. Bought it for $32,908, which was $100 over the dealer's invoice price.
  • Hello,

    I am going to buy an 04 4Runner Sport 4WD V8 this xmas, and I was wondering how low do you think I can get the price? Just a few questions. I live in Omaha Nebraska, but I have family in Mississippi, so I will buy in either of those areas. I am also going to buy on the 31 of November, December, or January b/c I'm told thats the end of the month and dealers are anxious to make there quota.

    1. Is it possible to get into any of the holdback for this vehicle. Its like $600 below invoice.

    2. Whats the biggest rebate do you guys think will be available around this Xmas. I saw in Mississippi that there was at one point a $2500 rebate
  • Dealer here has quite a few 2003 4WDs in various trim levels that they claim come with $750 rebate. Toyota website lists no rebate. Edmunds shows a $400 cash to dealer. Has anyone purchased lately in this area (upstate)? Does anyone know current rebate picture? Their ad price is a few hundred over invoice including the $750 rebate, which seems high. I'd like to have the real story when I walk in for the game. If rebates are higher elsewhere I have no problem driving 5-6 hours.
  • Advise Wanted:
    Just returned from a local Dealer in Houston. I have requested to order a 2004 Limited 4x4 and offered $500 over invoice. The reason for the order to to avoid GST added items that are of no value to me. Print out from the dealer showed the following prices:
    Base Price $31,904.00
    Jbl 6 disc changer $544.00
    Side Curtain Airbags $559.00
    Carpet Mat Set $112.00
    Freight $510.00
    Deliv/Proc/Hand $575.00
    TDA (advertising I think) $265.00
    The total for above is $34,469.00 which I believe is close to invoice. In addition to this the following were added.

    Base-Veh-HB $739.00
    PIO-HB $11.00
    Finance Reserve $369.00

    If believe the first two items are Hold back they are charging me and the last, even the salesman did not know what was.

    This comes to $35,588 plus $50 doc fee, $50 Texas vehicle Inventory tax, 6.25% sales tax, and $135 for title and tags. My question relates to the last three items. Why should I pay hold back and what is finance reserve. Also is it customary to pay the deliv/doc/hand fee of $575.00.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Incentives by geography: I looked around a bunch at this while shopping, and have followed it since buying. My conclusion is that it varies by region and it's tough to get a larger-scale sense of it. For the 4Runner, for example, there were times when some regions got no rebates while others got rebates (of varying amounts) on the units without the appearance package, and still others got rebates on units with the appearance package. I have a subscription to a service provided by which only gave incomplete, non-region-specific data. I tried using another online buying service (don't think I can mention them by name here) and was able to ferret out the information roughly by inputting various configurations and zip codes. Other than watching local and out-of-area papers and contacting dealers, that was the best I could do.

    barbed_war, it sure looks to me like they're trying a snow job on you. You probably know what holdback is, and you should consider financial reserve to be essentially the same thing. You shouldn't be paying either one, as they are actually money the dealer is going to get back from the factory. Also, I can't see why they should charge you freight+deliv/proc/hand+TDA. TDA is indeed advertising (Toyota Dealers Assoc.) and is a legit. charge. There is also a legit. destination fee that's listed here at Maybe Gulf States Toyota has more leverage there than dealers have here, but I'd resist these charges.

    I consider legit. dealer invoice to be factory invoice (vehicle+opts.) plus destination charge plus TDA. Then subtract any factory rebates. I'd try to deal from there, keeping in mind that the dealer will eventually get back the holdback and financal reserve amounts from the factory. That's how dealers can (in theory anyway) sell you a vehicle at dealer invoice and still make a profit.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    TDA varies by region so we don't include in invoice pricing around here.

    Gulf States and Southeast Toyota are big distributors that have a lock on certain areas of the country. This means that you may be stuck with dealer added options or fees that other markets don't have.

    If your local dealers won't deal, about your only option is to shop in another state.

    Steve, Host
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