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'88 Towncar seems to be leaking...water(?)

My TC seems to have water dripped from a location close to the right front wheel after doesn't have engine overheating but I do have to add water into the tank every 3 weeks or it normal?
The thing does not have a tachometer but I feel the engine is pretty stressed (loud) right before the tranmission engages a higher it normal?


  • vidtechvidtech Posts: 212
    are you finding water or coolant on the ground?no it is not normal to add coolant.ideally,you should never have to do it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 55,053
    You might just have a bad radiator cap. You could switch that out and see what happens for starters.

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  • Ok...I will try that later...thanks...^_<
  • is the same has a sunroof and it seems there is something loose up there but I cannot see what it is because it is covered by the keeps rattling except on very smooth roads...and it is not exactly the location where the sunroof is slightly behind it...where the railing should be...any idea how I can fix this because I go crazy because of this rattling sound?

    and, I think the switch is just invonvenient because there are only 2 direction--open the sunroof on one end and close the sunroof while tilt it up to ventilate on the other am I supposed to know when it is fully closed??
  • should be "...before I go crazy because..."
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 55,053
    I wonder if that rattling is a "bow" or hanger for the headliner. I'm not sure how they are installed in your car, so can't say for sure. You might have someone press into the headliner when it rattles and see what they can feel or locate.

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  • swschradswschrad Posts: 2,171
    headliners are breakable if you have the local iron-hand slapping up there as if he was swatting blue jays instead of mosquitoes.
  • the cloth cover is torn already...but I still cannot figure out what is loose inside...the torn location is inconveniently located quite far away from where the rattling comes from...I cannot identify what the thing is but it seems like a long piece of metal more or less spread along all the way from left to right of the...ceiling...
  • I think my car's tranmission is...dead...
    The first and second gear is fine but the engine revs higher and higher and at 38 - 40 mph...the engines runs and the car does not...I think it is the third and fourth gear's problem...does everyone agree with me?
    How much will a new transmission and the labour cost to install it cost?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Re-post in the Transmission Trauma forum. Give year, model, mileage
  • Hello I have a 88 towncar signature series. My alarm keeps going off when I open the car door and it will not shut off with the key. A dealer told me that I need to find the key code for my car. Can anyone help locating keycodes. Most dealers don't keep the books that far back?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Include your 17 digit serial number and maybe they will be of some help.
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