Gas/air problem

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2000 chevy silverado ls 5.3
I been having a gas problem for weeks now but a few weeks ago it got way worse to the point that i couldnt drive it anymore. It has now been a month since its driven. I really need it fixed but dont wanna take it to a mechanic because they'll try to replace all the wrong stuff and i dont have much money.
symptoms ::::
used to turn on smooth and run smooth until i got to my destination. waited maybe 8 minutes and it wouldndt turn on anymore until it was cool. pressing on gas would chocke it. i usually waited about an hr or so. FYI the temperature in my truck was fine no overheading. the last time i was driving on the expressway going 60mph, suddenly the gas pedal wouldnt accelerate and rather chocked it and turned off like before when i was trying to turn it on. Since this i havent used it. Im scared of staying stranded again. Now it stalls when i try to turn it on even when i havent driven anywhere. Some times it accelerates normal and seems fine but after a while it chokes again.
the code readings came to po108 MAP for $74 which i replaced and didnt solve the problem.
suggestions? dont have much money to play the guessing game.


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    P0108 is MAP sensor voltage too high, it doesn't mean that the MAP sensor is bad, it means the voltage for the MAP sensor signal is too high at the light green wire that takes the signal back to the computer at pin 32 of connector #2. It could be as simple as the orange/black wire is broken and the sensor not grounding to the PCM but it needs to be tested correctly and that starts by using a scan tool that can display the signal that the PCM is seeing so that the trouble can be confirmed and then using a schematic and tools like a voltmeter to prove why. It's sad when someone writes " I really need it fixed but dont wanna take it to a mechanic because they'll try to replace all the wrong stuff " because good people who don't fit the stereotype and work hard to do the job correctly shouldn't be treated like that.
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    sorry if you got offended i just had bad experience with mechanics, im a girl and people sometimes take advantage. If i said that is because i know my truck has a few things wrong which for now are not a major thing, i would like for it to be running before fixing details. but thankyou for your comment :smile:
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    I get it, you are only doing what you have been told to do. Techs have to endure those kinds of perceptions and the abuses that comes from them for their entire career. That's just one of the reasons most wouldn't advise anyone to make going into auto repair as a career choice. You say that you had a bad experience with some mechanics. Nobody ever seems to consider that when they walk in the door with the attitude that your statement portraits the tech doesn't stand a chance no matter how good he/she is of satisfying you. If you really thought it is bad with them, just wait until you own an automobile without them.
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    like any other carreer Mr. thats why you go to interviews before you get hired. It be stupid to just go and pay any person for something that could be small and i could fix myself but excuse me for trying to save my self some money. Idk if your trying to make me feel sorry for you or to make me feel like im a jerk for saying that maybe ur trying to teach me a lesson. I said it because thats the way i think and im not the only one. i talk from experience. Ive had good mechanics who for some reason icant find anymore, ive also had those who just stole from me. I had a transmission problem a few months back took it to the family mechanic, he suggested to rebuild it saying so many things that were wrong and ofcoarse i trusted him so according to him and the parts he bough it all came out to 800 some, so okay a few weeks later same problem so i call him and ask him. He gives me attitude and says he didnt guarantee anything and he could rebuild it again. so here i am trying to save money again to fix it. I take it to another mechanic who charged me half of that with receipts from parts that were never changed and so on. But excuse me for not trusting everyone in this world Mr.
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