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i just bought a new Ford Fusion Titanium with a 2.0L turbo ecoboost engine. EPA mileage estimates on it are 22 city and 33 highway. I am getting 17-18 city and 26 highway (speed limit, cruise control, flat highway) for the first 2000 miles. After questioning the dealer i was told that their Master mechanic made and inquiry to Ford and they told him the car will not get EPA estimated mileage until 10000 miles. This seems unusual to me. Most new cars I have had got the mileage right out the the gate. Any else had this experience with this car or am I getting the run around from Ford?


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    Not sure what's going on but you might read some of the reviews of other owners:

    Ford Fusion Reviews

    There is some truth to the idea that a new car's fuel mileage will improve as the miles roll up, but I do see other owners reporting the same disappointing MPG that you are experiencing.

    I guess all you can do at this point is keep driving it and if things don't get better as you approach even say 5,000 miles, then it's time to lean on Ford for some remediation.
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