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2007-'08 Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX Recalled for Fire Risk | Edmunds.com

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image2007-'08 Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX Recalled for Fire Risk | Edmunds.com

Ford is recalling 204,448 2007-'08 Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX crossover vehicles in North America to correct a problem that may lead to a fire risk.

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    shadownosshadownos Member Posts: 2
    My 2007 Edge was checked for leaks 2 weeks ago and dealership said "no leaks at this time" low and behold guess what is leaking now. Have a gasoline puddle eating away my driveway this morning. Off to the dealership I go with my leaky Edge.
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    shadownosshadownos Member Posts: 2
    Here's the update!! Ford Canada will have no parts to repair or replace my leaky gas tank for 6 months!!! They are paying for a rental vehicle until my Edge is fixed. How ridiculous is that! It would be fine but the Edge is the vehicle my 16 year old drives. Now I have a rental that he can't drive. This story isn't over!!
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    brandi200brandi200 Member Posts: 1
    I am also one of the poor souls that is having this issue. My Edge has been sitting on the lot for the last 5 months rotting away while Im still making payments on it while it depreciates. With the estimated time line, I have another 4 months for a total of 9 months my car has sat outside in severe weather. Ford has taught me a very valuable lesson, DO NOT BUY DOMESTIC! THANK YOU FORD.
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