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Road Trip Pictures - 2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop Long-Term Road Test

Edmunds.comEdmunds.com Posts: 10,130
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imageRoad Trip Pictures - 2014 Mini Cooper Hardtop Long-Term Road Test

I drove our 2014 Mini Cooper 600 miles for a loaf of bread and beef jerky. Here are photos and a recap of the trip.

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  • ebeaudoinebeaudoin NE IllinoisPosts: 509
    Wow.. What a cool trip! You guys seriously have my dream job- driving cars and writing about it. Throw in some awesome destinations and I'm all set.
  • darexdarex Posts: 187
    edited March 2015
    Aside: What's with that spelling of Bakery? Is it supposed to be German? It's not. Don't quite get it. (German: Bäckerei)

    Nevermind. It's Dutch. Duh->ME!
  • prndlolprndlol Posts: 140
    That's a good well-rounded tour, and any stops which involve obtaining meat or breads really speak to me.
  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoPosts: 179,608
    Lots of pictures of the destination; not so many of the road. I've driven US 395 - once - returning from Reno / Lake Tahoe. The stretch from Bishop to anything resembling civilization seems to take for-ev-er. After 4-5 hours in the car to even get to Bishop from Tahoe in the first place, it's a killer.

    Be interesting to get his thoughts on the car and the drive.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and let us know! Post a pic of your new purchase or lease!


    2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R / 2014 MINI Countryman S ALL4

  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Posts: 606
    It's always interesting to see how the painting on "Miss Alabama" (your first picture) changes over the years.
  • Curious to see the mpgs...
  • @Michaell - The interstates - 40, 15 & 10 - make 395 look like the Appian Way. Maybe I'm sentimental (because I made some very special trips up 395 during my formative years), but it does seem like 395 has a lot to see & do compared to other highways in this region. But yeah, it's pretty dull around California City...
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