Leased a 2002 chevy trailblazer and have this problem

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Ok was on the way home from a friends house on the highway home a rock hit the windshield. Well I now noticed a small crack there . I do not have glass coverage on the truck it is a 2002 Lt trailblazer ext. So do you thin that I can have the windshield replaced somewhere else or so I have to go to the dealership? I hate to put money in GM'S pocket but with it being leased i just was wondering if I could change the windshield somewhere else? Also if I change the windshield does it affect the ON- Star? Just wondering if anyone knew the answers.


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    Glass is covered under the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy. Contact your insurance company, file a claim and they'll let you know where to do for the replacement. You'll just pay your comp deductible, or not, depending on the glass shop.

    For instance, I had my windshield replaced last year and I have a $100 deductible for glass repairs and replacements. I took it to Diamond Glass (a nataional chain) and they replaced it and covered by deductible. Basically, they just charged $100 less than they would have, so I didn't have a portion to pay. good luck.
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    assuming this means the OnStar antenna is run into the windshield glass. I don't know if there is a "ET call home" pulse periodically from the OnStar comm center in the truck to the satellite, if so, it would be useful to button the guys or 800-call them and advise the windshield is being replaced, so they don't get hyper. you'll have to check your manual... or button 'em and ask.

    OnStar as concierge has not made it onto my list of musts looking at cars, but the integration level and increasing number of features is starting to get my interest, particularly considering the nice experience I had with Ford's Roadside Maintenance a few weeks ago. that raised the whole idea's viability for me a lot of notches from "fad" to "rad"
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    There are NO antennas in the windshield on the TB. Radio antennas are in the 1/4 glass looks like a defroster grid, and the Off Star antenna is on the left side 1/4 glass and is the old glass mount cell phone style antenna.

    If you don't want to pay anything you can take the truck in to a glass shop and have it "repaired" the insurance will pay 100% of the chip repair. The shop I use says that if you can cover the actual impact chip with a 50 cent piece, and the crack can be covered with a dollar bill they can "fix" it. What that means is that they can stabilize it so that it doesn't spread any farther. If it does spread after the chip repair my shop will pay the deductible for the new windshield. Make sure whatever glass shop you choose they are NGA certified. Check for a certified NGA shop here:

    It does make a difference, the windshield is a structural piece of glass, so make sure it's installed correctly.
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    there are sorta-OEM grade windshields out there that are "soft" glass... they are more likely to flake and spot when sandblasted from dreck off another vehicle's tires than the manufacturer's factory glass.

    which brings up another little whine (pause for cheese lovers to cut a slice here, adjust the music, the fireplace, etc...)

    why, up here in road salt and sand country, has nobody been able to come up with a practical windshield pad like racers use... you see two or three traffic lights through it, rip off another plastic layer and have a clear sheet again. we spend more on windshields here in the land of 10,000 tax-cutters than we spend on prisons.
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    The question is will you be charged at lease end for not using oem quality windshield? You are leasing the use of there car remember!
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    I think they'll ding him for the windshield at lease end if he doesn't replace it. And so once again we are punished for doing the right thing. Don't you love it?
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    all leases have them, it appears. I have avoided leases for just this reason. if I run 'em until they're toast, I get as close to par value out of a vehicle as possible.
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    If you insist the glass shop replace the windshield with exact glass they will. I have had a windshield replaced with OEM LOF brand glass, even thought they say LOF is "Ford" glass, my Yukon XL came off the line with LOF glass installed. There is a stamp on the windshield either on the pass. side lower corner or on the bottom in the center. Read the mfg name, and request that glass only, my replacement LOF windshield actually had the GM stamp on it, with LOF on the bottom of the ID. I have since had the windshield replaced again with an "OEM" glass made by Guardian, again it has the GM seal on it, but this thing is JUNK!! It chipped the first little pebble that hit it, at the speed of travel and size of the stone the glass should have been able to take a hit like this w/o chipping but to no avail it did. I have had rocks the size of a large gum ball hit the LOF with out any damage, this windshield has 3 chips from small rocks, traveling at less than 40 MPH. Next windshield will be LOF fo sure.

    If you replace the windshield best thing to do is match it with the same company that made the original, or match the door glass. In my experience LOF is the best glass out there, and if the insurance is paying why bother with the others.
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    it is just being fixed and it is gaurenteed to pass all lease return inspections . And with GM i was told as long as it is smaller then a quarter it would be no problem.
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