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BMW 3-Series 2006



  • bdr127bdr127 Posts: 950
    FYI: SMG will be an available option ($1500) on the 330i in the fall. As many have pointed out, it is not the same SMG used in the M3.... In past years, both cars had different SMG transmissions, too.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,344
    I'm pretty sure that it requires jpremium. If you can't afford the extra $.15/gallon, I don't think you should be looking at a car this expensive :D

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    It helps that the new 3's gas mileage is really very good, maybe best in class. About 20 city and 30 highway. It requires premium gas, but what sports sedan doesn't? I'm getting only 22mpg overall with my 2003 Infiniti G35. The new 3 will be a big improvement in this regard. Also, I paid a lot for maintenance on my G over the course of a 3 year lease, while maintenance is free on the new 3 (even brakes!). My lease is up in September and I'm getting the new 3.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Your are comparing two totally different cars, However, imagine how many candles you can buy by getting LGT which also has better performance than 3. Legacy also looks cleaner sans all the wired creases on 3.

    No, I'm not. Subaru has been very clear that they believe the Legacy GT is a competitor to the entry lux class. Personally, the 3, while not nice looking does stand out some. On a scale of 1 to 10 for physical appearance I'd give the e90 a 4 (mild ugliness helps it) and the Legacy GT's jelly bean Taurus-like styling a 2.

    Straightline acceleration is better in the sub. but handling on the GT is sloppy and the interior's bargain basement even if Subaru has other aspirations.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    The new 3 will be a big improvement in this regard.

    Uh, the mileage is pretty much unchanged from 05. My 03 e46 was rated at 20/21 city and 30 highway. I average 22 mpg. :)
  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    That's a bummer, blueguydotcom. But I recall reading many a promising post from new 3 owners in this forum reporting experiences of 30mpg or thereabouts. So I'm expecting/hoping the new 3 will easily surpass the 22mpg I have been averaging with my '03 G35 (and you have been averaging with your '03 e46). That said, I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey in my family that averages only 18mpg despite a rating of 18/25 or thereabouts. And in the case of the poor gas mileage this minivan is getting, a lead foot is not to blame.

    Hey new 3 owners out there, give us an update. Some of you must have put on a few thousand miles by now and gone through many tanks of costly gas. What's your average mpg? And does the 330 really get the same gas mileage as the 325?
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    I get 18mpg, but you should hear the engine near redline.
  • rbmw60rbmw60 Posts: 8
    This is my first BMW, a 2006 330I I've had for about one month. Thanks to all the posters, great information by knowledgeable people helped me make my choice - titanium silver, premium, 6 speed stick, no active steering or i-drive, grey interior. I tend to focus on the main positive aspects of the car, namely, the strong engine and the handling characteristics. For me, those items make ownership an awesome experience. Sure, there a few little design flaws, but they don't impact the fun I'm having with the new 330i. Latest highway gas consumption is coming in at 29.5 mpg (that's US gallons). I haven't calculated the city driving rate yet. On the subject of winter I expect to not drive in the snow and salty slush. On those days I'll take the truck to work. Here in Calgary, BMW owners all seem to buy four additional wheels\tires. I don't want to go to that expense and bother.
    Regards to all
  • ger3sfger3sf Posts: 29
    The SMG option will only be available on higher-end models (5/6-series) and M3/5/6-series (with SMG II). Not sure about Z4...maybe it's also not "high-end" enough.

    I love the SMG on my '04 330CiC. Only took 5 minutes to get used to it (from the time I drove it out of the Munich delivery center to the nearest autobahn). Guess I'll have to upgrade when the lease is up, or buy it out. When I get in my '99 Z3 Coupe, I sometimes wish it has paddles for shifting, but it's nice to have a car with "old tech".
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    "My 03 e46 was rated at 20/21 city and 30 highway. I average 22 mpg. :)"

    Well, c'mon, blueguy. You'd probably get 25mpg in an insight. ;)

    I consistently get over sticker MPG on my 3. I have my fun, but drive conservatively in traffic.

  • tdibobtdibob Posts: 12
    I would like to hear from people who have extended warranty on BMWs and their experience especially "easy care". Thanks
  • bmwboy29bmwboy29 Posts: 12
    Congrats on your new 3! you mentioned a "few little design flaws..." would you care to elaborate?
    What is your thought on the road noise that I keep hearing is such a bad thing? :blush:
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    That's a bummer, blueguydotcom. But I recall reading many a promising post from new 3 owners in this forum reporting experiences of 30mpg or thereabouts. So I'm expecting/hoping the new 3 will easily surpass the 22mpg I have been averaging with my '03 G35 (and you have been averaging with your '03 e46).

    Whoa, I never complained about my mileage. not at all. on long freeway drives at 95-100 I still get 30+mpg. It's around town and on local freeways I do so poorly.
  • snsnsnsn Posts: 56
    I have had my '06 325i for about a month. I already have 1700+ miles on my car. I average between 23.5-24 mpg out and about town. I use premium gas and fill up my tank about once every 6 days. Coming from a Toyota Sequoia, I am ecstatic about my gas mileage since I averaged about 12 mpg and had to get gas every 3 days.

    Will driving in DS or manual mode increase my mpg?
  • amt7565amt7565 Posts: 165
    Driving in Sport-D or Manual mode will decrease your MPG. That's because the steptronic is not a real manual mode transmission. It simulates.

    I mostly use 'D' mode. But quite often do use S-D and Manual mode when I need it.
  • A side note from Colorado: High altitude comments from my '01 Pathfinder/250hp/10.5 to 1 compression (I think) manual: "In most parts of North America, you should use unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 91 AKI (Antoknock Index)... However, you may use unleaded gasoline with an octane rating as low as 85 AKI in these high altitudes over 4,000 ft, (1,219 meters)..." and they list a bunch of states. After using the low octane (85) for a while, I noticed that low RPM clutch let outs tend to produce a little bit of knocking (I tend not to use the clutch when it is not needed and have had to add a few RPM's to correct the issue).

    I am going to try the low octane in my car when it comes in and see how it does. Does the e90 manual make this kind of statement? Or G35?
  • e90sede90sed Posts: 15
    I have a 325 with 1700 miles.
    From day one until now my avg 27 mpg. That includes breakin driving and approx 70% city driving. I would expect 30 on the highway a little later on.
  • e90sede90sed Posts: 15
    Stick with 93 octane and a good brand (Chevron, Exxon)unless you are trading your auto.

    No I don't work for an oil company just believe in taking care of a driving machine.
  • e90sede90sed Posts: 15
    Sport D increases the shift points of each gear. Higher RPM, higher torque thus a sportier feel also more gas needed per mile.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    LOL! too funny. 2750 miles 24.5 city, one road trip 29.3mpg. Better than my former 323i smaller engine ever got.

    Hey, i Just got back from the Florida Gulf Coast :). in the nick of time. IS the event going to be held at the TMS ? i attended the last three there were a blast. I have not received an invitation yet tho :(

  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Hey guys, is it true that the plant shuts down in August to retool?

    If so, if I order a 330i at the end of July will it be built in September?

    If so, will all the software bugs be worked out by then?

  • bmwboy29bmwboy29 Posts: 12
    Hey guys! does anyone know if the comfort access for September production will have the option of lowering all the windows and opening the moonroof from remote? Its std on the Mercedes C-Class that I was looking at as well...
  • 1. My sales person told me that a blue color holiday occurs during the last 3 weeks of August across Germany (now there's an idea :shades:). He also said it only takes about 4 days to build a car- so in theory- it could be pinched out. The majority of the time is spent waiting for a full ship load of cars and moving them across the water.

    2. Comfort Access is keeping the fob in your pocket and just pressing the start button for turning on the engine. The key fob already has the all windows down option built in- I think it is press twice and hold down the third time.
  • djocksdjocks Posts: 124
    Anyone have any comments on ataching I-Pods to the AUX in the center armrest? (ease, sound, convienence)? And, if you have the nav package, does that help or hurt the capabilities of using the I-Pods?

    Thanks for the help.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Anyone purchased their 330i from a No. Ca. dealer and received a great price around $1000 - $1200 over invoice?

    If so, where and who is CA?

  • kbhockeykbhockey Posts: 29
    Hey djocks-
    i have attached an ipod in the armrest, all that i required is a small cable you can purchase at best buy,etc for around $6--

    then connect it up,select AUX and hit play on the ipod.
    it worked great on long trip-

    i wish it had the 2005 feature of real ipod integration--not quite sure why they would remove that capability in the e90-

  • odessitodessit Posts: 140
    It is available as an accessory
  • davidd3davidd3 Posts: 582
    I am on the verge of ordering a 2006 330i for my wife and I to share. We figured out exactly how we want the car to be equipped, except for one thing. In some way, shape or form, my wife wants to have Sirrius satellitte radio in the car. BMW will either install satellite radio for $595 or prep the car for satellite radio for $75. Factory installation seems costly, but it does include the first year's subscription fee. Factory installation seems convenient in that satellite channels would be right there in the standard radio without having to plug-in a separately purchased portable satellite radio unit and play it through the radio's aux system. On the other hand, plug-in portable units seem to be a cheaper and more flexible way to go. Rather than having the satellite radio confined to our new BMW which we will lease for 3 years and then return, we could possibly use it in our home, our other car, our next BMW, etc. We are new to satellite radio. So any information and advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244

    Yes, it is at the TMS. I'm attending July 31st. If you haven't received an invite yet, call 888-344-4BMW/866-892-4BMW.

  • rbmw60rbmw60 Posts: 8
    There are three minor design issues which only slightly impact driving comfort, certainly they should not detract from anyone considering purchasing\leasing a 3 series. To restate the obvious, those cup holders need to be changed. The outside mirrors could be a little larger yet still be designed to be aerodynamic. Lastly, the cockpit is a bit cramped with the intrusion of the console on the drivers leg.

    As to road noise, I don't seem to notice it. Perhaps it's because I'm so concentrated on the fun I'm having at 100 mph! My opinion is that this machine comes into it's own on the highway. Downshifting from 6th to 5th to pass while going up hill is one of the finer pleasures!
    Regards to all
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