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Transmisson cooler lines leaking / need help to fix

orcas_washorcas_wash Member Posts: 1
edited April 2015 in Dodge
On my dodge caravan I have leaking transmission fluid just below the radiator. It seems to have a large puddle of fluid leaked just under the middle of the radiator and also smaller puddles on the right and the left side under the radiator. I have to add about 1 qt. of transmission fluid per week to keep the transmission from slipping so much when going from a stopped position. When I add the fluid the van runs fine until I need to add it again. I have tried to look to see where its leaking but hard to tell. I would like to fix it myself and not take it to a shop. I have tried a you tube search on how to but could not find anything helpful. I would appreciate any help, Thank you.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    It's called the transmission cooler and it is combined with the AC condenser, and is serviced as a unit. You may have to get on a lift to see whether you have a bad cooler line or fitting or if the AC/Trans condensor/cooler itself is cracked. If it's the condenser/cooler itself, the labor rate to replace the cooler is only 1.6 hours so can't be too hard. The front fascia has to come off and you'll have to release and capture (and then replace of course) the refrigerant from the AC system. Labor rate doesn't include servicing the AC. Not sure of the cost of the part--you'll have to shop around on that. You probably want to get yourself a workshop manual to learn all the steps in doing this job. It's important that you get the air seals around the condenser back in place exactly right.

    Maybe you'll get lucky and it's just a bad line.
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