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I had a complete brake job done on my 2006 Colorado & afterwards the ABS light was one steady. Took it back to the brake shop & was told that my wheel bearings were bad. This light had NEVER been on before the brake work was performed. I am having NO noise from my front wheels that make me believe this. Got a second opinion and they said my wheel bearings are ok and that it is just my wheel sensor that needs to be replaced on the left front. NOW I am really confused.!! Who to believe.?? Light comes & goes. Now at low speed I apply the brake pedal & get a hard grinding sound & a sound of a pump whining (this does not happen all the time)? I have talked to a Chevrolet dealership & described the issue & they tell me that sensor can be damaged when brake jobs are done. I can not get the truck to duplicate the problem when a mechanic is present. I am now planning to just wait till something breaks & then I will know for sure what the problem really is.


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    Might not be a good idea to wait, because when the ABS light is on that means your ABS system is probably not functioning, or not functioning properly. A proper professional scan tool should be able to identify the cause, or at least the circuit/system, of the malfunction. IMO, the wheel bearing diagnosis is incorrect. It could be a sensor of some type, or in some cases a reverse polarity problem.

    Here's a VIDEO on how a backyard mechanic tackles the problem without a scan tool--but of course going to a pro with the right tools is best.
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