Rough running, blowing white smoke. 5.9 turbo diesel.

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driving home from the store this morning i turned a corner and my truck started running rough and blowing white smoke out the exhaust. i was able to make it home about 2 was idling rough and when i stepped on the accelerator it blew a huge cloud out the exhaust.i went to the tail pipe and the smoke cloud and it was fuel. i shut the truck off and started it about 5 minutes later and it "s perfect. no miss no smoke. it's got 210,000 and has always been maintained very well. it's been a great truck for the 7 years i've had it.i bought it in Texas with 165,000 miles on it.I live in Ohio.i'm baffeled. any ideas?


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    Whens the last time the fuel filter was changed...had this problem myself...pulled old filter, vac out the filter housing, install new filter....turn key on count to 5 turn off, repeat 7 times, this will prime the filter housing again....this fixed my white smoke issue.
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    thanks for the reply. new air and fuel filter 1 week before. happened again a few weeks later.turns out the lift pump took a dump. i replaced the lift pump with a FASS 2 and it was great for a week untill the injection pump went out. (common on these vehicles). took it to the shop and it will be ready today.
    (Had I stopped when the problem 1st started I probably wouldn't have damaged the vp44 injection pump) they overheat quickly when starved for fuel. lesson learned.thanks again.gamblin9511
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