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Lexus RX 330



  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    I also signed up since we are considering a new 330RX. I went to a similar event for MB E models a few months ago. It was fun driving around the flags.
  • amontgomamontgom Posts: 12
    I was told that a fully loaded RX330 would be $45k. Since the Performance Package vehicle is about as loaded as you can get, the price is probably somewhere around there.

  • ohiosuvohiosuv Posts: 33
    It's too bad this thread has been cluttered by the FWD/AWD posts. I am suprised Steve_HOST has let it go on for so long. Can we please get back to pertinent discussion topics?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Just keep using that down arrow :-)

    Steve, Host
  • jofam1jofam1 Posts: 21
    Does anybody have any pricing info on the RX 330 ? The local Lexus dealer has 14 coming at the end of March and claims that all but 5 have been presold and yet does not have any pricing info yet. Thank you.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Recently you submitted a question to the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department.

    We will assume your issue has been resolved if we do not hear from you within 120 hours.

    Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

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     Discussion Thread
     Response (Denise Academia) 03/11/2003 02:45 PM
    Dear Mr. West:

    Thank you for contacting the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department regarding the
    2004 RX 330.

    The vehicle will have front, center and rear differentials, without the use of a Limited Slip Differential (LSD), in the center differential. The vehicle will not require the viscous coupling because traction control and vehicle skid control will transmit power to the appropriate wheels upon detection of wheel slippage. Also, the RX 330 should have enough rear wheel suspension clearance for the use of snow chains.

    If you have any further concerns, you can also reach the Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department at 1-800-255-3987, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.

    Denise Academia
    Customer Satisfaction Representative
     Customer (Willard West) 03/06/2003 03:45 PM
    No answer yet ???
     Customer (Willard West) 03/03/2003 01:00 PM
    Dear Sir,

    The early press releases indicated the new RX330 eliminates the center viscous clutch in favor of a Sequoia-like brake modulation AWD torque apportioning system. I have already placed my order for the RX330 (to replace my wannabee AWD 01 RX300) based on the above information.

    Now I note that and are both indicating the viscous clutch is a holdover on the RX330.

    Which is the truth?

    Willard West

    PS: Will the RX330 have enough rear wheel suspension clearance such that I can use snowchains (rear only or all 4) without be threatened with loss of control?
  • cbest1465cbest1465 Posts: 25
    This web site should answer it.

    Looks like the base price is going to be lower then the current RX
  • samangsamang Posts: 43
    I just registered for the drive event, did not I could do so without an invitation. Thanks again.
    I saw the preview vehicle at the dealership. It's nicer than I thought it would be. I got a current build and options list from the dealer.

    Here are available options (packages):
    leather LA - leather, power tilt/telescoping sterring with memory, roof rails, roof racks.

    premium PM - includes LA + illuminating entry system, one touch open/close moonroff, 6 disc in dash cd changer.

    premium plus PT - includes PM + power back door, HID headlamps, wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob.

    nav/mark lev VN - includes PT + Nav with rear camera, Mark levinson 11 speaker stereo.

    perormance VP - includes PT + 18" graphite wheels (235/55/r18) all season tires, 6.5J graphite plating, air suspension, sequencial "sport shift" transmition, AFS (HID headlamps that turn with you), rain sensing wipers, BUT NO wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob.

    Larg sunrrof VQ - large sunroof, 6 disc in dash cd, power tilt/telescoping sterring with memory, illumination entry, power back door, wood and leather steering wheel and shift knob, HID, leather.
  • samangsamang Posts: 43
    Did not want the last post to be too long.
    I dont know if the follwing is for Dallas area, or Texas and neighboring states, But here is a list of current builds:

    PM + 18" wheels, rain sensing wipers, power back door, wood and leather steering and shifter.

    PT + 18" wheels, rain sensing wipers, 2 level heated front seats.

    PT + 18" wheels, rain sensing wipers, rear seat entertainment.

    PT + 18" wheels, rain sensing wipers, 2 level heated front seats, NAV wit rear camera.

    VQ + 18" wheels

    VP + Adaptive cruise control, NAV with rear camera.

    VN + 18" wheels, rain sensing wipers, 2 level heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, rear seat entertanment.
  • samangsamang Posts: 43
    Thanks to links to toyota press release, we already know that 2wd = $35,025; 4wd = $35,425; and delivery = $575.

    The car I saw was VN + 18", heated seats, rain sensing wipers. Sales guy estimated about $42k.

    I did some research, my humble estimates for packages and options (based on current Lexus packages):
    PM = around $3000
    PT = just under $4000
    VN = $4900
    VQ = I have no idea
    VP = PT + $700*
    I read somewhere that VP is a $700 option, I have to guess it is $700 on top of a PT premium plus package.

    And of course, we have these known prices on other Lexu cars already:
    NAV = $2000-$2200
    Rear seat entertainment = $1600
    Wood and leather steering and know = $330
    Mark lev stereo = $1300

    I hope my numbers are close...
  • jofam1jofam1 Posts: 21
    If your estimate of PT is around $4,000, then VN, which includes PT plus Nav ($2,200) plus ML ($1300) would be around $7500.
    That would take the MSRP of the RX to $43,500, which is $2500 more than a comparably equipped MDX of $41,000. Thus equipped, the RX would have power back door, power tilt/telescoping with memory and HID headlamps, but the MDX would have heated leather seats, rain sensing wipers and 7-seat arrangement and still costs $2500 less?
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    A gentleman on another system was kind enough to share the prices he says he got from calling Lexus Customser Service. I can't vouch for these numbers myself:

    PT - $3,440 Premium Plus package
    > Includes: Leather, power tilt wheel, moonroof
    VN - $6,670 Levinson/NAV package
    > Includes: NAV w/rear camera, Levinson, Leather, HIDs, Power Back Door, Wood/Leather Wheel & Knob, moonroof??
    DR - $220 Roof rack/rails
    FT - $215 Aluminum 18" wheels, full spare
    HH - $665 Heated Front Seats w/rain sensing wipers
    CL - $600 Dynamic laser cruise control
    NV - $2,350 Navigation w/rear camera
    HL - $515 HIDs
    Lexus Link - $1,215
    PL - $400 Power back door
    EY - approximately $1800 (did not write down the exact amount) - Rear Entertainment System

    He did not get some other packages, e.g. the Performance Package.
  • jofam1jofam1 Posts: 21
    The MSRP of the 4-wheel version is actually $36,425, making the above comparison slightly worse, with the RX ending up costing $44,500 or $3,500 more than a comparably equipped MDX. But the RX will also have real wood and knee and side curtain airbags as well. If the RX will also have Lexus Link packaged with the Navi, that will also be an extra $1275.
  • samangsamang Posts: 43
    wmquan, your numbers sure make a lot more sense. I was way off on the VN package. Otherwise, I think we have a pretty good idea on what things will cost now.

    jofam1, keep in mind, packages are not supposed to be as much as individual options added up, it should be less, maybe not as cheap as I guessed. As to your refernce to MDX, I drive a 2001 CL, and I always joke that my Acura stands for "can't afford a Lexus". ;) So, I would not expect the RX to be cheaper than a similarly equipted MDX.

    Now, can anyone advise regarding how to get the best deal an RX 330? This will be my first Lexus purchase. Hopefully, my Acura will mean "couldn;t afford a Lexus until now". :)
  • cbest1465cbest1465 Posts: 25
    Thanks everyone for all the price estimates. I do have one question about the wood on the steering wheel. My current Lexus is a Silversport which didn't offer this option.

    How is the grip? Could it be slippery at times? It's a nice looking option with the matching shift knob.

    Pricing however will be interesting since the demand is going to be so great. I was planning on waiting to see if they come out with a "special edition".
  • amontgomamontgom Posts: 12
    I'm a lady, not a gentleman! (Heehee) I just forwarded the option prices to my Lexus rep, so hopefully, we will get confirmation soon.

    Andi :)
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Oops! Please forgive my biased gender assumption. And please do let us know what your dealer says.
  • uis00snuis00sn Posts: 18
    Does anybody know whether a rear camera is available as a stand-alone option W/O NAV?

  • amontgomamontgom Posts: 12
    It is my understanding that the rear camera is only available with the NAV.

    And William -- no problem! My name always seems to give me a few laughs along the way. I think there are probably more females on this board than you think -- we just lurk a little more.

    I'll try to diligently post any info I can get on this car - either from the dealer or from Lexus Customer Service. I'm trying to give my sales rep a few days before I call him again. Don't want him to think I'm a pest!

    Andi :)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Just what I needed, a remake of that stupid movie.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    We've signed up for preview test drive of Lexus' new SUVs tomorrow. Only interested in new RX330. Will report if we're not rained out.
  • amontgomamontgom Posts: 12
    My dealer (Pohanka Lexus, Chantilly, VA) confirmed today that they are not getting any vehicles with the VN (Mark Levinson/NAV) or CL (dynamic laser cruise) options -- I will have to special order my vehicle if I want these to be included. They said that all Eastern region dealers (VA, MD, PA, NJ, NY, DE, etc.) will be sent the same six standard builds, but I'm going to check around just to make sure. The reason is that Lexus is trying to hold the price down to around $40k. Bummer -- I really want these options, so if I can confirm this, I guess I'll have to place my order and wait until around July/August to get mine. They did say, however, that the price would be more negotiable if I placed a special order. That gives me something to think about, as I certainly don't want to pay MSRP for this car!

  • amontgomamontgom Posts: 12
    Just to clarify -- there are two NAV packages available on the RX330. The VN (Mark Levinson/NAV) package is the one that will only be available in my region via special order. The other NAV package, NV, will be available on the standard allocations. The NV package includes Nav with the rear camera.

  • laterldflaterldf Posts: 37
    I noticed that Kelly Blue Book ( has posted the pricing of the new RX 330's, along with the various option packages. later, ldf
  • amontgomamontgom Posts: 12
    laterldf -- Thanks for the pricing link!

  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    sorry, can't report
  • cbest1465cbest1465 Posts: 25
    Well Andi - I am with you. Guess I will have to special order one too. I am in DC. I was checking out the Kelly Blue Book site - by the time I finished - I had the price close to 50k - performance package really bumped it up.

    Wonder how much negotiating I can do to get that price down some? If anything - could do without the performance package.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I also priced out the Performance Pkg plus various other options, and got the price up higher than expected. It's a little confusing as to what options you need to check to get the car configured the way you want. Basically I'm looking at everything except the Entertainment System (rear DVD), Moon-Roof Pkg (extra-large sunroof, etc) and possibly the Dynamic Speed Control. The Performance Pkg includes the Premium Pkg but if you want the Navigation System and the Mark Levinson it appears that you also need to check "VN" which in turn includes the "Premium Plus Pkg." The Premium Plus Pkg, in turn, also includes the Premium Pkg - which you're already paying for with the Performance Pkg. Checking both the Performance Pkg and "VN" - along with the Towing Pkg and Heated Seats - gets the total up to $49,925. And this is without the Dynamic Speed Control or the Entertainment System. This is definitely in GX470 territory which for another $2,000 you WOULD have the rear Entertainment System.

    If this is correct then I would probably skip the Mark Levinson and just add the separate Navigation System which would yield a more reasonable $45,505 MSRP. Maybe I'm missing something and someone can clarify? I put a refundable deposit down yesterday and I want to understand what my options are before the vehicles start to arrive, which is expected in 2-3 weeks.

    Incidentally at this particular dealership there are about 120 customers ahead of me, and this number was expected to grow considerably with the auto show (spring new car fever) starting here locally today.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    My local dealer told me many thousands of the vehicles hae been presold, that they will sell all vehicles they are able to obtain,and will sell, due to demand, at list price. Have others heard otherwise?
  • borg1of2borg1of2 Posts: 83
    As with all new Lexus vehichles, they will sell at MSRP in the early stages of release. People have been waiting and will pay that, so they will sell. However, after the initial demand prices will become negotiable. Case in point is the GX release. There are sellers out there selling below MSRP.

    The other side of things, Lexus likes to sell at MSRP and you really have to shop around. I'll bet there are still Lexus dealers selling RX 300's at MSRP.

    Just some thoughts
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