oil additives..is it worth it?

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such as z-max, duralube, prolong, worth their price. They range anywhere in the price of $10-$30. When added after an oil change does it really help the engine or is it just a waste of money?


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    the best of the bunch do little harm. with very rare exceptions, like you plan on cleaning an engine out before tearing it down for a rebuild, all you want in the crankcase is the proper SAE rating and weight of oil.

    but every time you feel you just HAVE to pour a can of Orbl'Slop in your crankcase, just take the money and send it to me at..... I honestly guarantee that all money will be returned if not satisfactory......
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    Snake oil, waste of money, all claims based on anecdotal evidence without control groups or based on bogus "demonstrations".

    "I used Dura-Glop and my engine has 157,000 miles on it and runs like new"

    P. Fansworth, Obadia, New Mexico

    Hey, Mr. F, did you run an identical car next to it without Dura-Glop"?

    "Well, no, I only own one car".
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    I think we all have learned if you change the oil and filter on a regular basis that is all that is needed to make your engine go a long time.without any oil additives.
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    anything to stretch the snake oil further is OK by me.
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    I don't believe in additives, I do have to say that some of the 20 minute TV demonstrations can be pretty convincing!
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    they used to sell fuel oil heat in the 1960s by putting matches out in a beaker of nice, clean, clear fuel oil on TV.

    something entirely different would happen if that oil had been run through the nozzle of a burner and thus vaporized and mixed with air.

    and who can forget the fine Rovco ads on Saturday Night Live back when it was good? the Bass-O-Matic to liquify your catch... "Mmmm, that's good bass!" the Rovco Product Destroyer, an increasingly larger series of crusher cans in which you can dump your broken Rovco products and grind 'em up.

    a classic Westinghouse live TV ad, caught on kinescope in the 50s and rebroadcast many times over the years for a yuk, showed Betty Furness desperately yanking on the fridge handle trying to open it, sliding the fridge around the set. Timex watches flipped off outboard motor props into the side of the glass tank... "I can't reach it, but take my word for it, it's still ticking...."

    and of course, the legendary diet clinics where nobody ever gains unwanted weight again.

    yes, if it's As Seen On TV, it has to be good!
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    Oil additives are actually a religious belief. You will never dissuade a believer by "facts".
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    mum's the word....
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    When STP was the rage? For awhile, in the sisties, it seemed that EVERYONE was using it.

    As an eighteen year old working in a gas station, I once had the pleasure of dropping an oil pan on a STP engine...WHAT A MESS !!
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    It's good for dipping bearing shells or cam bearings before assembly though. So it really did me more good outside the engine than in :)
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    saves you from running over to Wal-Mart or Eckards for another jar of Vaseline as rebuild lube.
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