Car shakes when applying the brake

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I have a 2006 3ooC and whenever I step on the brake the car shakes really bad. Anyone know what this is? I used to be a person that would take my car to the dealer and kept up the maintenance on all my cars. But once I got married and became a stay at home mom, my husband "took over" all the car stuff and instead of doing something about it he just tells me don't drive on the highway now. How can I not drive on the highway? Tells me to take his car (no thank you) to go places. So I'd like to know what this issue could be so I know what to say when I secretly go to a mechanic that isn't one of his buddies. Do I really need to stay off the highway with shaking brakes?


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    Sounds like the rotors are warped from over heating...need new pads and rotors. But could be some additional probs. with front-end components..if that's where u feel the shaking.
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    I think scamp7 is right. Warped brake rotors on the front brakes. You have to either replace both at once, or have them "turned" (smoothed out and made true) on a brake lathe but for safety's sake I would replace the rotors.

    If you take it to a regular shop, the bill should be in the $400 to $500 range for new rotors, new brake pads, and all labor charges, front brakes only.

    Good luck and have it done soon.

    Beware of "oversell" from some of these chain store repair places. If they tell you other parts are worn, get a second opinion at another shop.
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