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Is $50K a realistic price for a 2015 Toyota Sequoia Limited 4 x 4?

tilly4tilly4 Posts: 2
edited April 2015 in Toyota
I've been looking at 2015 Sequoia Limited 4x4s gas vehicles. Seems like the MSRP is around $60K. Truecar shows a fair estimate of $53,029. Edmunds shows $53,478. Kelley Blue Book shows $53,381. Of course the dealer prices in my area of Baltimore are from $60,500 down to $54,766. Would it be insulting to email a bunch of dealers and offer to pay cash $50,000 out-the-door? What if I waited until the 2016 models came out in the fall? You think I could get $50K or under then for a 2015? Thanks!


  • tilly4tilly4 Posts: 2
    I should mention - a new 2015 sequoia, not used or certified.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 83,323
    @tilly4 I guess you can offer whatever you want, but what's your basis for thinking they'll cut the price $4K under the going rate?

    $50K is a nice round number, but that doesn't mean much, otherwise.


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