Electrical issue with 2008 Cobalt?

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My daughter's 2008 Cobalt wouldn't start yesterday. It started with a battery jump from another vehicle, but there are several electrical things not working on her car. These include the radio, the clock, the blinker sound (not sure if its the turn signal not working) . Also the dashboard is displaying a "tire pressure" light.

She reports that non of the fuses appear to be blown. Any ideas on what this might be?


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    Well if her battery was dead enough to need a jump start, she hasn't really addressed the problem, which was why the battery went dead in the first place. It could be a weak battery, or a problem in the car's charging system (alternator, corroded battery cables etc), and a weak electrical system producing lower than normal voltages will cause the car's computers and modules to go pretty crazy. So first step would be to make sure the charging and starting systems are all operating at their normal levels---otherwise you'll just be chasing ghosts that will come and go.
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    The Chevy dealership says that they have to reset the car's computer at an estimated cost of $100. Is this real or is someone running a scam?
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