2015 Toyota Avalon Prices Paid

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  • fcjuddfcjudd Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I recently bought a 2015 Avalon XLE Touring for $34,600 with 0% financing for 3 yrs. List was $37,130, but I worked with the dealer's Internet sales rep who quoted the price I paid without any haggling, informing me that the regular sales reps weren't authorized to sell new vehicles below the sticker price (at least at that dealership). It was a very pleasant buying experience, with no pressure whatsoever and the service was very accommodating. Our last car was a Lexus LS 400, which was a wonderful vehicle. I have a bad back and had heard talk that the newer Avalons were too stiff, so I was concerned that might be a problem. The Avalon does have a somewhat stiffer ride than the Lexus did, but I'm quite happy with it. I'd characterize it as a sport luxury ride and have so far found it to be very comfortable -- unlike most other cars I've tested. (The Camry, for example, had me hurting within about 5 minutes.) My wife and I are both very pleased with our Avalon. It's not quite the car our Lexus was, but that was a $65k vehicle (and a dollar was worth a lot more back then than it is now).
  • mikejp00mikejp00 Member Posts: 1
    Wife and I just got 2015 Avalon Touring SE for 34,450 OTD at Milton Martin Toyota, Gainsville GA. Drove for an hour to get best deal in area. Live in Kennesaw GA (just north of Atlanta) and this deal was best we could find. Salesman delivered everything promised and folks at family dealership were outstanding. This is 3rd Avalon we have owned, ride is a shade stiffer but still very nice. Selling our old 2004 Avalon with 107,000 miles to our grandson. Love car so far.
  • sandydee1sandydee1 Member Posts: 26
    I have owned a 96 Avalon, a 2003 Avalon, a 2008 Avalon, and I'm now considering the 2015 Avalon. The reason why is that my 2003 Avalon is driven by my daughter and has been on airbag recall for many months and the parts are still not available. She says the air bag light comes on intermittently. I have a case number with Toyota. So mikejp00, has your 2004 Avalon that you are selling to your grandson been fixed? I am trying to decide at what point I should trade in the 2003 Avalon to avoid the airbag risk to my daughter,let her drive my 2008 and get a 2015.
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  • declansdaddeclansdad Member Posts: 120
    Back in October I purchased a new TAH Limited for $36,000 with 0% financing for 5 years. I thought it was a decent deal on such a nice car.

  • MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 217,841

    Back in October I purchased a new TAH Limited for $36,000 with 0% financing for 5 years. I thought it was a decent deal on such a nice car.


    Congratulations - my cousin bought one last year as well. She loves it.

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  • sam_poe5sam_poe5 Member Posts: 1
    Can someone suggest a dealer in Houston, TX or nearby area that can offer 2015 avalon touring for 33k + ttl?
  • jbailey895jbailey895 Member Posts: 48
    Hi everyone, with the new 2016s coming in Sept, are people seeing action below invoice on remaining 15's? I'm probably going to lease, but if the 15's are discounted enough, might be worth a purhcase, as I'm sure the '16 leases won't be a steal. . .
  • bige43bige43 Member Posts: 6
    only 8 posts for a whole model year? I realize that navagating this site is excruciating (havent been here since 2010), but really?? Edmunds has really failed . . .
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