Toyota Solara Convertible Back window leaking (2007 model)

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My dream car..... My 2007 Toyota Solara convertible has been perfect...and now suddenly the convertible back window is leaking. My husband advised me not to drive it today due to the expected rain. OOPS. I went out, and when I made a stop, I looked at the back window and realized the bottom window (glass/plastic?) had completely separated from the fabric top. Any suggestions? The top itself is in perfect condition. Thank you!


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    This is always a difficult decision. The choices seem to be to try a patch in situ and re-glue it or take the top off and do it up professionally.

    Here's one DIY fix that looks like it might work for you.

    If this seems like more than you want to tackle, see if an upholstery shop will do this for you. They probably won't guarantee the work for obvious reasons but it's cheaper than the alternative and may hold up for a season or two. Naturally the more the top goes up and down, the more chances of it detaching again.
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    A quick search for replacement tops came up with this company. There are many more like it.

    It's notable that the top is actually two pieces with the widow section separate from the main top. They are joined during the installation process.
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