2012-2014 CRV's Negotiating Question

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Greetings. New to the board, I hope this is in the right space.

I am looking at buying a used CRV between a 12-14, deciding between the EX and LX, (not convinced I want leather seats of the EX-L and while I would like a moon roof, I'm OK without it if I get an LX)

I don't know if anyone can answer this, but are dealers more willing to negotiate on a car that came to the end of a lease as opposed to one that was traded in from a private owner?


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    As well as Hondas, especially CRVs hold their resale value if you think you are going to save thousands of dollars buying used you might think about just going with a new one.
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    If you bought a new car instead of used because low rates and/or longer-terms loans kept the monthly payments more affordable, please email [email protected] by 9/11/15 to connect with a reporter.
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