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Battery is not charging

josephmojosephmo Posts: 2
edited May 2015 in Honda
I bought this car new about 3 years ago. All original equipment, no add-ons.

About a month ago, shortly after its regular service, the car would not start. Called AAA, they came in and gave it a jump, the car started. I drove it for a few miles, and parked at home. The next morning, it started fine, drove it to the office and parked, but could not started when I was getting ready to leave. I got it jump started and took it home. I used a slow charger at home, the battery charged up completely, and started. A few starts later, it would not start any longer. I did this a few times with the same results.

All electrical systems seem to be working fine: lights, radio, high beams, parking lights, daylight running lights, regular lights, break lights, rear lights, inside lights, instrument panel lights. Battery connectors are super clean. Is there a specific fuse for the battery charging circuit?

Any ideas?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    If the car wasn't charging the battery light would be on.

    First step I'd suggest is to have the battery load-tested. It might be defective.

    If the battery checks out ok (it has to be fully charged before you can load test it), you can test the charging system using a simple voltmeter connect to both battery terminals, while revving the engine. You should read something like 13.7 to 14.2 V

    You should also check for a parasitic drain to your battery. With everything shut off and doors closed, your battery should be draining no more than perhaps 50 milliamps.
  • josephmojosephmo Posts: 2
    A couple of questions:

    1. How do I load test it?

    2. How do I check the parasitic drain? In the past, I've left left it on occasion for 4 days and it would start without a problem.
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