Transmission stutter

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When my 06 Forester was still under warrantee I brought it to the dealer to diagnose a "stutter" in the transmission after I had slowed down to about 10mph to turn onto a street and started to accelerate. They could not find anything wrong and so I have lived with it until recently when I decided to try the local tranny shop that has a good reputation.
They could not find any problem altho at first they thought it might be engine related (mass air flow sensor), but that was ok. Anyone have an idea.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    It's kind of hard to know what you mean by "stutter", since hesitations can be related to fuel, ignition or transmission, and each behaves somewhat differently. Has the car been scanned for trouble codes?
  • logtraillogtrail Member Posts: 74
    Yes, several years ago at the Subaru dealership. The problem is that it is quite intermittent. So the local transmission shop could not get it to act up. But it definitely feels like the transmission. How long do trouble codes stay in the car's computer? Days? weeks?
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