Suburban stalls at 70 mph

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Just drove from Kentucky to Florida, 3 times on the trip doing between 70 and 75 mph the vehicle just stalled
Pulled over to side turned key off and restarted right up and took off again at 70 for another couple of hours and then all of a sudden stalls. Had cruise on all three times plenty of fuel no warning just dies and starts right back up.
Made it where i was going but needless to say waiting for other shoe to drop, Cant find anything obvious
Any help would be appreciated since I have to go back in 9 days


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    While there is a chance a trouble code if one is set cold help narrow down the circuits to focus on, without pinpoint testing while the problem is occurring anything else is a guess and more likely to be wrong than right. The fact that it starts right up does make some possibilities more likely than others, things like the ignition switch itself and that's only because your operation of it during the stall "might" be restoring a failing connection. The best you can do right now is try to document the conditions that are most likely to get the symptom to occur such as the duration of the run time when it happened, or was a recent re-start such as from a rest stop some kind of a factor.

    If there is a trouble code associated to the symptom the freeze frame and failure records that also are set could help.
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    Have been reading about this exact problem in early 2000s suburbans. Evidently there was a recall on 2001s for the crankshaft position sensor, Most of the material I have read states that the CPS over time gets hot and does not contact or see the flywheel anymore and the computer shuts down the engine to prevent damage to the engine.
    I am going to replace it myself today $42.00 at autozone and I will update this when I have some results
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    I just realized that I did not tell you what I have.....
    Its an 04 suburban 5.3L flex fuel with 190K
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    A crank sensor failure usually results in a hard or delayed re-start after a stall. That's not saying that it cannot be failing and causing the symptom but typically it does not start working again right away. Besides if the crank sensor dropped out and the engine was still turning the cam sensor would still be sending a signal which would result in the PCM generating a code against the crank sensor circuit.
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    I am not saying I have fixed it or even have it solved at this point.
    But if you comb the internet you will find a ton of articles about this stalling problem with these vehicles.
    One site in particular had 73 posts on this subject and alot of them had replaced the CPS and drove them for thousands of miles afterwards and no problem. In full disclosure some were fuel pump related, One had changed the fuel pump, filter, and regulator and to no avail, Replaced the CPS and no more problem. I figured for $41.00 bucks and a little work was a good starting point
    The site is TOPIX Chevrolet suburban
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    Just an update
    I did not replace the CPS. I replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator drove approx. 1200 miles back to kentucky and she ran like a champ. No Problem
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    Hi, I have question. why does my 2009 suburban suddenly looses power while driving? It losses the power for seconds, engine misfires, the power locks start popping in and out, radio dies and the behicule starts jerking really bad than it all goes back to normal.
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