2015 328d lease deal

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Hello guys,

FYI, I got a 328d (navigation, driver assistant package) with MSRP 44,100 for the following numbers.

$891 out pocket (including DMV, first payment, tax)

35 payments of $405 plus tax each.

36 months lease, and 12k miles per year.

Not sure if it is a good deal. But at lease I am happy when I signed the lease on Saturday:p


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    Sure looks good..

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  • MarkHolthoffMarkHolthoff Member Posts: 101
    Sounds like an excellent deal on a terrific car. Enjoy!
  • sones1sones1 Member Posts: 7
    you didn't have any MSDs?
  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 76
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    That makes no sense.

    You're giving the bank $15,000 for three years' use of a $44,000 car.

    That means the bank believes a three year old car with 36, 000 miles will have something like a 70% residual value. The acquisition fee alone had to be more than $700.

    I am certain I am missing something here, I must be wrong?
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