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Hyundai Tiburon Prices Paid and Buying Experience

caleb2001rcaleb2001r Posts: 6
edited April 2014 in Hyundai
I've just been offered $17533 from a local dealer for a Black 03' Manual Tib w/ leather and sunroof (option w/ spoiler and sunroof). I've just ordered "A Fighting Chance" to find out their actual invoice (I can't believe that Edmunds or Autobytel is correct, since the dealerships pay them to be referenced out and there has to be some sort of leverage) but to me as of now that seems like a good price. What has everyone else payed for their Tiburons?


  • cfbd372cfbd372 Posts: 3
    I paid $18100 for my V-6 Tiburon with automatic transmision. But keep in mind Hyundai is now ofering $1000 cash back. Also the automatic is more expersive than a manual tansmision.
    Good luck.
  • Well, a followup to what I posted. The $17533 was with the $1000 cash back. But get this, he then quoted me my drive out price (since I have prearranged finances) of $18835.02 (Those two pennies count!). That's the amount I would need to walk up with a check and sign a few papers and drive off. So....I was quoted back at Square 1: $18533 for a 03' Black Tiburon w/ Ultrasports 3 package (leather, sunroof, spoiler, 6-speed)...I guess I'm convinced already. Hopefully buying it this Saturday, if I could just sell my Honda Accord (You would think a 91' clean Accord would sell for $1800!!!) I'm having a hard time, so my purchase my be delayed. Ahhh well....
  • gaza1gaza1 Posts: 1
    hi, i just got a4 cyl,5 speed, with sunroof/spoiler/cassette player op, out the door for $16,980, was thata good deal?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your new 2023 Tiburon! Also, thanks for sharing what you paid. Here's a more active Hyundai Tiburon discussion where you may get more expedient feedback regarding your price. Happy motoring!

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  • Just bought a 2003 GT V6, Automatic tran, moonroof and mudguards were the options. Comes standard with the leather seats and Infinity 6 speaker CD system. List was $20133.00.
    Rebate is $1000.00.

    I got the car for $17000.00 plus TTL.

    At first the dealer tried to put the Inland freight into the TTL but I made them back it out. Then in financing they tried a $399.00 consumer charge which I also made them back out. Drive out with TTL was $18277.90

    At one point I had 2 managers and the salesperson showing me an invoice saying they had to make some money on the car. I politely reminded them they had 3 of these cars on the lot and all had a registration sticker from January and I was sure that they wanted to sell the car and not pay another month's holding cost for it. I stuck firm to the $17000 and eventually wore them down. I was ready to walk 4 times before they gave in. The best internet price for the same car was $17466.00. Both of these prices included the $1000 rebate from Hyundai.

    I think I it was a deal!
  • You all seem like good negotiators, do you have any advice for a teen negotiating on his first car. Also does anyone in here own a 2003 GT V6 Tiburon with auto Transmission, Sunroof, ABS, and the metal plated Brake and Accelerator?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Have you had a chance to read any of the buying articles in Edmunds' Tips & Advice Section?

    Also, you may get some helpful feedback in these discussions: Hyundai Tiburon (Owner Experiences & News) and A good first car. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your purchase. ;-)

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  • I was upside down a little on my trade in, so they tacked on a little to price.. all in all, I paid $19,200 (w/TTL) for my V4 Tiburon 5 speed which I got like 7 months ago.. I love the car and all the features.. It gets everyone's attention and I may actually keep it for 4-10 years :) go to and please sign guestbook. I looked at the Celicas.. (V4 is only thing they come in).. very small and look like little matchbox cars.. not a real man's car if you ask me.. price seemed ok though.. Acura Integras WAY out of the park on price.. and Nissan 350Z was VERY nice car, but VERY expensive (but definitely worth it if u can afford it).

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    wiggle room on your trade? I'm just curious, those of us w/South Korean rigs have to be wary of taking the big "hit" on being upside down when trading in. I know my Kia dealer really made it happen for us when trading our Sephia for our Sportage a little over two years ago. I'm just curious how they worked it for you and how much of the upside down they ate up for you when you traded in(if you're comfortable posting it, that is...don't if you're not!!) I mean, HyunKia dealers are aware of the depreciation of these rigs but they ALSO WANT TO SELL NEW VEHICLES, SO there ya go. The new-gen Tiburon is such an eye-candy car. In the South Korean tradition, yes it is an eye-grabber!

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  • basically, my previous car had a true market value of $14,500 (had a XG300L), still owed like $16,750 on it.. and haggled with them a lot, b/c they were trying to pit me up in the mid $400/month range w/$2500 down, but got them down to mid $300s w/ $1500 down.

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,234
    because the Tiburon is so nice a rig. I will do the same when I pull the purchase trigger again(Tiburon GT V6, new Spectra or new Sportage are in the running for my futures)but I will haggle as much as possible, too. Since you're gonna be stuck with your payment book for years you might as well give it your best shot. One thing I've picked up on the net is GET UP AND LEAVE IF YOUR DEAL DOESN'T SOUND KOSHER ENOUGH TO YOU. They'll come running for you to get you back to dealing. That squares with me because it's no problem to just go to another dealer for a better deal. Nothing is cast in stone unless you want it to be. I know what you mean, though, they're hard to resist and the salespeople know it, too. Love the South Korean vehicles the kiddin', even the Japanese rigs do next to zip for me.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Visited several Hyundai dealers in Austin, Texas. Decided on a 4 cylinder, manual Tiberon. I asked for a drive out price - not including the rebate. I explained I wanted to take advantage of the low interest rates. Got a drive out of $17,350. Repeated the amount and request for interest to internet manager and sales person. Got to dealership; spent an unbelievable three hours on paperwork and waiting; mostly waiting. By the time I got to the "finance" man, I was told that if I wanted low interest rate, I would have to add $1,500 to the price of the car. I explained what my requests were originally and what I was told. I was then offered to purchase car for $17,500 and a rate through the dealership of 3.9%. Is this normal or is it just because I am a woman?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Does the $17,500 include all taxes and fees? Also, does this car include the power sunroof and Infinity sound system or is it the base version? If the price includes all taxes and fees and the sunroof and Infinity sound system, I would say its only an ok deal. Since it sounds like the 3.9% is through the dealer and not through Hyundai finance, you should be able to take the $1500 rebate, which means your out the door price should really be around 16k. However, if the special finance rate is through Hyundai, you can't take the rebate. It seems to me the dealer is trying to keep the rebate to himself by suckering you with a low interest rate. I think you can do much better on the price.
  • nvataninvatani Posts: 1
    I am getting tiburon 2001 for $3,500/- its 4 cyl. and has 59,000 miles on it.... i wanna know that price is ok or not?
  • I have got a dealer down to $20,700 "out the door" "drive away" price. I think its a pretty fair deal. Its the only orange crush at the 4 closest dealers to my house. What do y'all think?

  • Not including trade-in, paid $16,350 out the door!! TT&L (plus window etching & new plates for 4 years registration). Major sale in NJ.
  • kingwood1kingwood1 Posts: 1
    can you tell me what dealer in NJ. sounds like a good deal. I live in Flemington,NJ.

  • ederekbederekb Posts: 4
    See this post
    $2000 in service on my '03 with 30K Miles. Warenty wont cover it.
    -Derek :lemon:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Clutch will not be covered by all the other manufacturers as well. Now if it is proven that Hyundai put defective parts in the car, it should have been covered and they will lose the lawsuit. Hyundai is doing like all the rest, which is sad indeed, by not being will to just fix the 2003 model cars with this problem, is my take on this if they did have defective parts. This is assuming the complaints are valid. I am not saying one way or another, as I have no evidence. It is really bad PR, and a no win situation for Hyundai when trying to attract new - young buyers. As for clutch cars, I think possibly the BMW cover all for four years warranty may be the only one covering the clutch.

    The warranty,by Hyundai, is the best in the industry. If I bought a Tiburon, I would get the automatic.
  • Can you tell me where is this dealer? The deal sounds really good! How did you get that such nice price on 2006 Hyudai Tibruon GT?
  • i went to shopping for 2006 Hyundai tiburon. when i was walked into this place which is called "The New Hyundai of Paramus --Dodge of paramus". the KOREAN GUY walked to me. I asked him about the car, and told him that i want to have the color in black or moonlit blue. he told me the color i want is UGLY. I insist, and ask him check wether he has it or not. (Meanwhile he was try to sell the only one tiburon he has which is really dirty old one) he come back and told me Not only hime but all of Hyundai dealer in NJ and N.Y do not have the car with black or blue. Cheater! (after him, I saw a moonlit in the ohter NJ dealer only 15 mins away from him, and one black one in NY manhattan). After all he finally told me he cold order one in on coming week, then we sit and started talking about the price. He give around $19431 which is close to the invoice price that showed online. I try to negotiate with him, he do not want to lower the price, so i was leaving, and he said:" THANK YOU FOR WEAST MY TIME" . WOREST DEALER EVER SEE!!!
  • borg18borg18 Posts: 2
    ok, here's the deal. i got a 2005 Tiburon GT as a birthday present about 1yr and a half ago. My parents just told me that they got it on a lease, but the problem is that they got it for 5 yrs. who's heard of a 5yr lease?? The buyout is $16,000. Is there a way to get out of this contract?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    If you are looking for another new car, you can trade the Tiburon to the dealer.

    Is the current buyout $16K? If so, it will be treated like any other trade-in. If they give you $16K for the Tiburon, then you are even.... If they only give you $12K, then you have to come up with $4K.. or roll that negative equity into the new car loan (never a good idea).


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  • borg18borg18 Posts: 2
    thanks for replying. ok, here's another question. instead of trading it in can i pass the car to another person and for them to take over the payments? in there name of course.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    Some finance companies allow this, and some do not..

    Of those that do allow it, some will release the original lessee from financial responsibility (which is what you want), and some will not. If they don't release you from liability, then you wouldn't want to transfer your lease.

    I'm not sure about Hyundai Finance (assuming that is who your lease is through). You could check a web-site like, and look for other Hyundais that are being offered for lease assumption.. Usually, you can find out the details on the individual finance companies that way.



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  • What is a good price to pay for this car. I am being offered 18,626 for the GS with the option 3 package? should I keep shopping?
  • I leased a 2005 GT tiburon for 39 months with a buyout of $8,000 in 2008. I don't see how your buyout after 5 years is 16,000? Is that the buyout for today, because that's about what the car is worth right now. I just wrecked mine and I'm looking for a new car, which is why I stumbled on this site. The insurance is offering me $16,000 if they total my car. I had about 18,000 miles on it. You might also look into, another website I stumbled on recently. I don't know if it's very good, but I found it and you can buy or trade your lease to someone else and it puts the lease in their name (or at least that's what I understand about it so far)
  • I just purchased a 07 Tiburon GLS(4Cyl) Automatic as a third car for my family. Having a SUV and a Sedan already, I figured something alittle sporty was needed. The MSRP on the vehicle was $19,675 ( including destination ). I offered $18,600 with destination included before rebates. With rebates ( $500.00 ) on the Tiburon and ($500.00 - valued owner ) "Already own a 2002 Santa Fe" , I received an additional $1,000.00 off making it $17,600.00 before taxes, title, and doc fee. Options on the vehicle included Sunroof with Cruise control, Floor Mats, and Cargo Net. I added the mudguards for $60.00 afterwards.
  • In August a dealer in Sheboygan,Wisconsin ofered to sell me the exact same car with your options for $16,809. Arrow Hyundai in West Allis, Wisc. offered to sell me the same vehicle at $17,000..We alreadt own two Hyundais. I decided to wait until the 2008 Tiburon comes out before I buy it.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Can you tell us if there were any incentives included in the $16,8 price?
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