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Chevy TrailBlazer Transmission Problems



  • I purchased 2005 TB 4x4 LS. When the gear shift from 1st to 2nd speed I notice sometimes a slight vibration coming from the bottom of the car. I checked with the dealer two times for the same problem. In the first time they told me there is no problem in the transmission and in the second time they do wheel alignment and balancing!!!! but with no use. So, what could be the problem. Please any help.
  • a209pa209p Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2002 Trailblazer EXT new. I'm repairing the transmission for the third time! And of course each time it happened I was out of town and could not return to dealer I purchased vehicle from for the repairs.
    The first failure occurred at about 15,000 miles. I complained that dealer did not replace transmission, but elected to repair original; GM gave me a 75,000 mile warranty to appease. The second failure was at about 42,000 miles (and 500 miles from home - had to wait several days to even get it repaired). The third failure happened this week, 77,500 miles (of course it is beyond the 75,000 warranty)and again I'm 500 miles from home.
  • The noise changing when you turn the wheel is a very good indication that it is a wheel bearing. With a left front bearing if you turn right the weight transfers to the left hand side of the vehicle increasing the load on the bearing causing the noise to become louder. When you turn left the weight transfers to the right thus unloading the left side bearing and causing the noise to become diminish. The opposite is true for a right hand bearing.
  • My 02 Bravada is doing something similar. Loud blowing noise as soon as the engine starts, and no power when you drive it. It goes away after a couple minutes. What is involved in checking the fan clutch?
  • So I was pulling into the bank this morning, had the wheel cranked all the way to the left, low fuel light on - then the front end of the truck started to hum/vibrate a bit - I think it was due to the wheel being cranked all the way and just how it was idling.

    Anyway, as I get to the drive through, I look at my 2WD/AWD/4WDhi/4WDloi knob, and it's blinking AWD and I think "what the heck?" (its currently in 2WD), and I click it from 2WD to 4WDhi, and then back. Then the truck clunks - and away I go.

    Now, I had a friend who said his TB kept randomly going from 2WD to 4WD randomly...etc., and he had a beatch of a time getting it fixed.

    Whats up with that, is this common? Should I be worried?

    Thanks! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    PS, had this truck for 4 months - bought the 100,000 extended warranty.

    PSS, my dash ticks annoyingly too. So if it goes in, it's all getting fixed for my $200 deductible, or someones losing an eye!
  • More than likely the dash selector switch is bad, this was a problematic part on the TB. :(
  • I research 2005 and 2006 Trail Blazers EXT for potential purchase. I've been reading a lot of messages about transmission problem, which is not good. Should I stay away from these SUV's? If I do buy one, does anyone recommend the extended warranty?
  • Our 2002 trailblazer just started dropping out of gear. Once you stop and restart the vehicle it runs fine until the next time. Unfortunately, It happened twice in the high speed lane at 75 mph. It happened again and the truck was towed to the dealer. Imalfunctioned there but they shut it off and now cannot duplicate the problem again. They're keeping it until they find out why this is happening.
  • This morning as I was accelerating in between 20-35 MPH. I heard a HUGE thump and it felt like Someone hit me head on. My transmission started whining like a 4 year old at bed time and refused to upshift unless I completely left off the gas for a sec. Reverse no longer functioned at all. I got it in to the dealer (luckily I did buy the extended warranty). They are telling me some part called a shield was hosed and had all the teeth sheered off of it. I imagine that was the bang I heard, it must have messed up when it shifted. Anyone have 1 any idea what that full part name is and 2. ever heard of this happening? My TB has 60,000 miles on it.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I beleive that the Sun Shield is the name of the infamous part.
  • I,ve had my 02 trailblazer transmission rebuilt twice.1st time @41000 mi.,2nd time@63000 mi.Even though I like the trailblazer I cannot afford to have the transmission rebuilt every two years. Seems like the sunshell gear they put in these transmissions isn,t built to withstand the wear and tear.Since I took the car to an independent, chevy would only pay a percentage of the parts,not the labor.I am now thinking of trading to a Tahoe before the transmission acts up again,and hoping the Tahoe doesn,thave the same problems.Any suggestions?
  • Yes. the service guy had a STRONG southern accent so shell became shield. The repair was $1,900 luckily I had the extended warranty and only paid $250. Sort of funny how quickly they found the problem. I got the impression they had fixed a lot of these. Anyone know exactly why these things apparently have an issue with burning out?
  • I lease a 02 Trailblazer, And the warranty was up in Oct.
    Now when I start my car in the morning or when it has been sitting and is cold I hear a clicking but than it stops, My mechanic after he checked all belts and pully's , He said he thinks it's internal, And said take it to Chevy and let them look at it , Could you please let me know what signs your Blazer had.
    Thank you Lmeola
  • I have a problem with the 4x4 on mine. The light is out to show you what mode it is in (2wd, awd, 4x4 Hi, 4x4 lo). When I move the switch, nothing happens. I've checked the many fuse blocks and found nothing wrong. Any help from you geniuses would be appreciated, before I pay an arm and a leg on repairs.
  • picked up my 2006 AWD Trailblazer SS Monday 1/30/06 7:00pm and drove away very happy. Awesome truck, power, everything. 30 miles later that night the transmission would not down shift, and acted like trying to start out in a manual Trans in 4th gear and feathering the clutch, rather than down shifting. Not long after the check engine light came on. ON STAR said it was a module problem, and not major. Called my salesman and of course the service dept. was closed. Took it in the next morning, turned out to be a 2/3 solenoid. Drove fine the rest of the day and the next. Thursday 2/2/06 the same thing began again. Took it back in and now they said it is a valve body assembly, or something like that, no parts available anywhere, and it may be 2 weeks before I get my truck back. I contacted GM right away. We will see. I have a Honda Accord that I have driven for 50,000 miles and never been back to the dealer even once and it drives like the day it left the lot. GM wonders why they are losing market share? Maybe try some quality control and build a car that won’t fail before the ink is dry on the paperwork. I guess $42,000.00 doesn’t buy much anymore? Anyone else have problems like this??
  • Anyone out there know if the '98 blazer 4x4 has the dreaded 4L60E tranny? It failed after about 47K miles, was replaced, and we got rid of the car. Our next car? An '02 Envoy! After reading these posts I think we'll be putting it in the paper tomorrow...
    Thanks for the info.
  • ccd2kccd2k Posts: 1
    Stick with the Japanese cars. American and German cars look really good, but they both always have transmission related problems. Overheating problems are also common with american cars. The price doesn't matter. I've seen $80,000 BMW's have multiple transmission problems.
  • joan4joan4 Posts: 1
    My transmission went out on my 2003 TB with 43,000 miles. Luckily, I'm under extended warranty but the transmission shouldn't have gone out at only 43,000 miles. I plan to inform GM and ask for further coverage for the transmission. My extended warranty is not with GM. I'm concerned that there will be further problems with the transmission. Does any one have advice or guidance.
  • hrlehrle Posts: 1
    In Dec. I purchased a 2005 TB Demo leftover. Last week while parked with engine running and transmission in park, the transmission shifted from 2HI to A4WD all by it self, then after about 2-3 minutes it shifted back. This happened about three times while I was sitting there. Then two days later it happened again while stopped in traffic. Took it back to dealer and they replaced the switch, because they could not get any problem messages from their computer. They told me if it happened again to bring it in and the will keep it for a few days. They said they will give me a rental if they had to do this.
  • I own a 2002 Trailblazer that has been fun to drive except for a few minor problems such as an engine replacement at 13,000 miles and last night the transmission has gone awry at 45,950 miles. I could not get the transmission in reverse this morning to back out of the garage. I plan to take the Trailblazer to the dealer later today to get expected bad news of a complete transmission failure. I just had the TB in the dealer 2700 miles ago for an oil change. Sounds like a 'sun gear' problem based on reading the info from this forum.

    To make matters worse, I found out last month that my extended warranty purchased 13 months ago for $1700 thru 1st Source Warranty is defunct due to Primeguard's reinsurance backruptcy. I am not making this stuff up!

    I plan to push GM hard to repair this Trailblazer at no cost to me.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    Mine has done that clicking since day one when car has been left overnight or when it is cold. I think it is normal with these vehicles- though I let mine idle for 2-3 minutes before driving. Once warmed up, the clicking goes away. It takes a little time for the oil to get moved through the engine is my theory
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If it's the same ticking ours was doing on cold start, a PCM reprogram cured it. It sounded like a noisy lifter. It's not the same as the ratcheting sound from the mode door actuator which was repaired at the same time, all under major guard warranty.
  • My 2003 Trailblazer also has the loud ticking noise. My friend who bought one the same year also has the loud ticking noise. Whatever has gone wrong with mine, the same for hers. Interesting.....
  • I have had that 4WD switch replaced at least twice under warranty and it still happens about once every 4 to 6 months. I'm long out of warranty so I'm not going to pay for another faulty switch.
  • Similar to yourself, I am was reversing out of my driveway last week and experienced a HUGE thump and the vehicle no longer would reverse or go forward. The dealership had to overhaul the trans. This is just my most recent problem aside from taillamps, 4WD, locks, doors, windows, and all recalls. Similarly, my vehicle was at just over 60,000 miles. I have been researching on web and appears other consumers have been experiencing reoccurring problem trans every 30,000 miles. Think we all need to call GM customer service line and force them to address this trans problem and all the other problems on the 2002 trailblazers.
  • Mine also 'shifts into neutral' under normal driving conditions. Once was on a 3-mile wide bridge on a rainy night, could have been very dangerous. Also I was on cruise control so after shifting the RPMs went up to redline. It then stopped trying, I'm glad there is some sort of automatic process that does that, otherwise I assume the engine would have blown... The other time my mom was driving and we were in the middle of an intersection! Almost better. I've paid lots of money for new 4WD dash switch, and also the 4WD control module inside the dash. I see your reply to your own message and will see if that helps, when they replaced the control module it worked fine for 2 weeks and then went bad again.

    For anyone else who has this, as a short-term fix if you drive in awd it is completely fine and never slips out.
  • *sigh* :cry: I purchased this vehicle used July 2005 from the dealer. It had 35k miles. Yesterday (49300 miles) my transmission died - I couldnt drive in reverse. Not a good feeling! :sick: I purchased the 72k extended warranty -Thank God!! - so the repairs ($2650.00) are covered. I think I am going to research another extended warranty and check into trading this vechicle. My previous vechicle was a 95 318ti BMW - purchased new :shades: - no problems other than normal wear and tear - I kept it 10 yrs. 180,000 miles!!! I am researching a new SUV - foreign - of course. I love my TB - but I do not want to ever purchase another american made vehicle. :P
  • mydogmydog Posts: 4
    mine has same problem any luck!
  • mydogmydog Posts: 4
    We have a 2002 TB ltz. I had the same prob, took it to dealer where they replaced the switch. It now has about 45,000 miles , out of warranty and I have since then replaced 2 switches on my own. Now, It isn't working again, this time, no lights work at all on it so I order another switch. They are different now, I guess they improved them, but changing it didn't help this time!
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