CATs in Fords?



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    No Rblundg, Mark's right, it does have lots of low RPM horsepower. the phrase "low RPM horsepower" implies torque in definition. but if you're talking about who accelerates the fastest between 1000 rpms and 2000 rpms, whoever has the most horsepower for the longest wins.

    it just happens to be directly related to torque.

    torque is the work.
    hp is how fast that work gets done.

    who cares?
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    Couldn't resist....
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    If I can get that same work done by turning out 1600 to 2500 rpm rather than 2500 to 6000 rpm then
    then I want the lower rpm.
    You are right when you say torque is how the work gets done. I do know that for passing or acc. I want horse power but for pulling & maintaining that speed I want torque. You ask any trucker that question & he will tell you he needs that torque to maintain his speed.
    I just know that this power stroke runs much better than my 460 did & all at a lower rpm but not much dif. in horsepower & rpm but big diference in torque & rpm
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