2001 Chevy S-10 transmission leaked all the fluid.

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I bought my first 2001 Chevy s10 4cyl. extra cab, 150,000 miles ,automatic about 5 months ago and the transmission leaked all the fluid, started to lose a little power & smoke started to appear from trans. fluid leaking on exhaust pipe! some one recommended me a trans. shop so i I took it........ they told me i need to reconstruct the whole transmission.$2,300- $2,800 :0 for parts and labor..... They thought it might be the seal, pump or the cylinder head?? should I get the whole tyranny rebuilt or try to get it repaired? I LOVE THE WAY MY CHEVY DRIVES, I have to roll with the punches at this time & try rescue trucky! any help/comments? thnx- josh- 5-15-15


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    So did you replace the lost fluid? How did the transmission behave after that? Maybe all you need is a re-seal. I'd get a second opinion for sure, but first, top up the transmission and see what's up.
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    thanks for the reply! the transmission shop filled it backup w/ trans. fluid and said i could drive home about 5 miles to my place but it would eventually leak it all out.... sure enough it leaked all. They charged me $100 for the lift, inspection and fluid.... :/ Chevy is sitting on my drive way w/ pan underneath and has not been moved-
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    they were guessing it was the pump or cylinder head? not the seal.....
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    transmission would loose power on first, they said the fluid was low that's why first would slow start...
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    Second opinion on 2001 Chevy S10 sounds like a good Idea! Thanks Mr. Shiftright !
    anyone have more Ideas/ comments?
    hope you all have a good weekend!
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