Real World Miles Per Gallon on an FJ Cruiser 2014

smokingjoe787smokingjoe787 Member Posts: 3
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My last tankful yielded 19.76mpg. I drive less than 15,000 miles per year which will probably average less than 10,000 miles per year when all is said and done. I tacked on about 4500 miles driving from State of Washington to Moab Utah, then to Las Vegas and all the way back home. On the way back from Las Vegas I averaged 23 mpg driving on 70mph speed limits. From Idaho to Utah I was averaging only 18 mpg pumping Chevron Supreme into the tank but speed limits were 80 miles per hour and more often than not I was doing +85mph because sometimes I have lead dog syndrome. So I got better highway mileage keeping it below 70mph. Here at home 40% of the time I'm getting over 20mpg but always plus 19mpg making short trips to town, post office , groceries & the golf course. I'm either putting Costco regular gas or Chevron regular. I get better mileage by pumping Chevron. My 2014 is as AMAZING ride as it looks!


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