Can anyone identify this car?

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Many thanks!


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    Many thanks!

    I've got no idea, but I've sent out the word to our resident experts, who might be able to help...

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    That's a tough one. None of the usual identifiable marks are visible. Maybe late '20s?
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    I was hoping perhaps with the dashboard, the steering wheel and the placement of the window door handle might be a clue. I thought the steering wheel looked like a Ford Model A, but I could not find a dashboard match with a Model A just looking online.
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    You might post this on the Antique Automobile Club of America 'what is it' forum:
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    Thanks for the link!
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    Yes, the AACA forum will know.

    Is this a painting? Something is off about the way the driver's side A-pillar is presented. If it is a painting, it could just be a mix of designs.

    The 3-gauge dash really says 32-33 Ford to me, but I don't think they used 4 spoke steering wheels. I am guessing this is a pickup.

    The truck loaded up with hay at far left is a Model T.
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    It's a collage.
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