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Greeting's all: I have a new 2014 Honda CRV (6,000 miles), recently I had to have the windshield replaced due to a small crack. Afterwards, while driving between 58 and 64 miles per hour I noticed a noise from the lower right passenger side of the windshield area. I had my wife drive the car while I investigated the noise. I could feel no vibration on the dash or windshield itself! I felt no vibration in the pillar, and felt no wind rushing in anyplace. The noise only occurs when at the above mentioned mph's! The noise sounds like someone pulling Velcro apart, and is extremely annoying!!!! The windshield also does not leak water, I've checked numerous times. I'm beside myself and not sure what to do? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    You might experiment with masking tape over the suspect area and see if that changes anything. Sometimes a little piece of trim out of place or a rubber gasket that didn't completely seat properly can cause noises like this. In any event, a trip back to the installer is probably a good idea and have them look everything over.
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