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Acura MDX 2007



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  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    This link was already posted (#319).

    Oops that always happens to me when I link something in a forum that I have never visited before. I seem to never learn my lesson :surprise:

    Now HP I hope you dont mind me asking but what the hell are you doing in this forum? I never knew you were a SUV/Crossover follower?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Heh! Heh! Good to see you here, Dewey!
    If you look back, you will see at least one other poster you will recognize.

    I must admit I am intrigued by the new MDX press and photos.

    My wife and I may be hitting the road a bit more now that we are retired and the new MDX could just fit the bill-enough driveability to keep me happy with plenty of room for my road bike.
  • sysweisyswei Posts: 1,804
    Hpowders, Dewey,

    I am glad to see a couple of Germancarfans from the HELM forum take an interest in anything from Japan!
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Shhh! Not so loud! ;)

    Yes. This is one that has piqued my interest.

    I am looking forward to driving one this fall.

    I especially like the real traffic updates through the nav.

    This should now be the premium mid-sized SUV to be reckoned with.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    I am glad to see a couple of Germancarfans from the HELM forum take an interest in anything from Japan!

    Please dont mix me up with the MDX natives in this forum. I am here as an accidental tourist. I accidentally pressed my mouse a few times and somehow I found myself here. :D
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    I may be pushing myself to say this, but the car looks great!!! Audi Q7 is about to lose sales. Now i'm waiting to see pilot . i still don't know if current MDX takes premium fuel or not.
  • Per Acura website (General Spec), premium (91) gasoline. Audi Q7 is a much bigger/expensive SUV; I don't think sales will suffer because of upcoming MDX.
  • I read the very lengthy info posted in message 311. Tell ya what. I'm a little concerned that when one these very high tech systems in and throughout the new MDX becomes faulty, that the service techs might be a little bit in the dark as to diagnosing and correcting some of these issues. Here's a brand new car with just about brand new technology. Do you think all the mechanics are up to being capable to diagnose the inevitable problems..Maybe they go to an upgrade type of class from Acura. Do they all pass with flying colors. There is some pretty complicated technology in the trans, suspension, VSA, damper control, SH-AWD, etc,etc,etc...Hmmmmmmmmmm
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    well, sales probably won't really suffer, but i think the q7 and mdx are key competitors because of basic vehicle establishment. Both sports suv's. both seat seven(comfortably?). Now MDX is a little closer in size to audi. if i was buying one, I'd consider the other.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    The 2007 MDX has more option packages than any other Acura they've sold in recent years. Acura is known for not offering packages. So, I doubt very much they'll be offering content a la carte.

    I'm certain we'll be seeing minor changes to the packages over the years, but those changes will certainly be minor.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    That's going to be true of any luxury vehicle.

    Really, the only thing that's completely new is the MR suspension. The SH-AWD system is a upgraded variant of the VTM-4 system that has been in the MDX since 2001. The transmission appears to be a lightly modified version of the current transmission. VSA has been around for at least a decade. The engine is actually less complex than the 4 cyl powerplant used in the Acura TSX and has far fewer parts to worry about than the turbo engines in many other vehicles.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    I guess I didn't mean they would be indidual options, but in a separate or less expensive package. I think it will all depend on sales: if sales are strong, packages might not vary all that much for the first couple of years. If sales are lower than expected, then expect existing packages to be broken up into smaller/different packages within the second model year to draw in more buyers.

    As an example, the RDX has a 10-way power seat for the driver, but not for the passenger. People seem to think that will change next year or so to draw in more buyers who really, really want power seats everywhere...! It was an odd detail to omit, seeing as Acura is trying to go premium.

    But the RDX does offer power lumbar support...are we sure the MDX does not?
  • I think who is going to suffer a sales decline with the release of the MDX is the MB M series and/or Infin FX. I considered the Q7 a few months ago but found it a bit large and heavy for everyday driving. Interior and instrumentation layout was great. It is definitely not a sport SUV at 5500 lbs and 200 inches long; no matter how the Audi marketing people advertise it.

    I would put the MDX competition as: BMW X5, Porch. Cheyn., MB M series, Infin. FX, and possibly Lexus RX.
  • What about MR Dampers being manufactured by a company in bankruptcy (Delphi).
  • Well, this is pretty scary. What happens when there is a problem with the damper system if the company that makes them is no longer in business. The way I "slightly" understood this, is that this "Magneto-Rheological damper system is incorporated in the "semi active" shock absorbers. So, if it is "in" the shock.....hmmmm...replacing that shock may be difficult to do and indeed outrageously expensive if at all possible. Is it actually in the shock absorber or something attached to it or the computer program. Whattaya think robinsradar?
  • Did anyone read (from the link at message 311) the part where it says "ONE TOUCH STARTER SYSTEM"..It says the starter stays engaged until the engine starts-- even if the driver releases the ignition switch..Well how's this scenario----your car is having some kind of fuel problem issue or electrical or timing or computer issue problem and doesn't want to start. Well now, according to the way I understand this "ONE TOUCH STARTER SYSTEM", the starter will just keep cranking and cranking and cranking. Certainly this will run down the battery and I'm sure not great for the starter as well. Whattaya think people?
  • klunkmanklunkman Harrisburg, PAPosts: 76
    I think your hypothetical situations are getting ridiculous. Honda's a pretty thorough company and have probably thought through 10,000 times any "problem" you could come up with.
  • My thoughts exactly. Why does it seem that things can quickly get blown out of proportion on the web?
  • I read about the MR dampers in a Honda website forum (vtec?). Being old and having a bad memory, this is the best of what I remember from the site: the company made two kinds of MR dampers (adjustable shocks) one used air and the other used a fluid. GM uses the air type on the cadillac SRX and a few other GM cars. Acura apparently is using the fluid type. The SRX uses a sensor to adjust the damper, whereas, the MDX is apparently only going to have two settings (sport and comfort). I sure the MDX will have some sort of computer control how much I don't know.

    As for maintenance, I guess the fluid will have to be replaced every so often or replace the whole damper?

    Actually why I'm interested in this, is that I'm questioning how useful the dampers are in everyday driving and the extra expense of the sport option package. I would possibly like the upgraded leather seating and auto-leveling lights, but I'm not so sure about the usefulness of the MR dampers. Have to wait for test drive...

    You're other question about the auto start feature is addressed I believe in the RL reviews.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Yes, there will always be adjustments made to packaging. You may not know this, but Acura sold the TSX with a manaul passenger seat for several years before it got its mid model change (MMC). The same may happen with the RDX.

    Many suspect that Acura intentionally leaves some content out in the first years. It helps them keep costs in line. While the vehicle is hot off the presses, most buyers don't notice these omissions. Then they can add these features later in the model cycle when sales begin to drop as the vehicle gets long in the tooth.

    (Interestingly, some companies begin remove such niceties over the years and instead increase incentives.)

    But Acura seldom makes big changes to their packaging. Even the RL, which is the slowest seller on the lot, has not been changed much. It has been critized for having too many items at too high a price. You would think that Acura would break up the packaging, but what did they do? They added a second package which bolsters the content even higher and to a higher price point. :confuse:

    Based on these reviews, I doubt Acura will have any trouble selling the new MDX. If this thing is as good as I'm hearing, you can expect wait lists for the next 12-18 months. Until sales slow down, nothing will change.
  • Just looked at the profile photo from the autoweek article. The rear most windows appear to have been cut back to triangles. Going to get pretty claustrophobic for the kids back there. They won't be able to look out the window without moving there head forward.
    Look at competing vehicles like Q7, GL or current model MDX, which all have larger windows back there. I'll have to see in person to determine how bad this is.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    The Sport and Comfort settings for the MR suspension are the defaults.

    In comfort mode, the average current passed through the coil is relatively weak. Thus the suspension is soft. For the sake of discussion, let's call it level 3 tautness.

    In sport mode, the average current is increased and the suspension tightens up. Call it level 7.

    While in either mode, sensors are used to determine load on the suspension and they can adjust accordingly. So, if you're driving in Comfort mode and you make an emergency swerve to avoid.. I dunno... a moose... the suspension will still tighten up to level 10.

    When the event has passed, the suspension will default back to an average of 3 (Comfort), but will continue to modulate higher or lower based on conditions. Had you set the switch to Sport prior to the moose event, it would have defaulted back to an average of 7.

    As for maintenance, we'll have to wait and see. But I see no reason why the fluid would need to be replaced any more often than the shocks on a regular vehicle. The fluid is housed in a closed system and does not perform any lubrication function. Nor is it exposed to mechanical actions like the clutch plates in a transmission or the action of an engine piston.
  • So, I'm driving down the road in Comfort setting and a good looking blond passes me in a sports car as we're about to hit a curvey mountain road. You're saying that the MDX will automatically switch to sport setting (as I'm now doing 60 around the curves)? If this is the case, why have the buttom to push, if the SUV modulates during certain driving conditions?
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Ah yes, the RL: I wonder why they still sell that puppy. Seems to me the MDX might even compete with it (i.e. isn't Acura trying to aim the MDX at affluent men who want something a little sporty?)

    I also think the MDX will sell well, but I do wonder if the pricing structure might not alienate people that were just on the border of affording the previous model. They might have to step into a Pilot (I wonder what the new redesign will look for that one), since pricing in the mid $50s is a step up from what you pay for a MDX today, or if not a Pilot then something from a competitor (the Pilot does look a little dated, imo). If Acura loses these buyers, then it might be wise to separate out some packages to make it more attractive to the base buyers. Does that make sense?

    But in any case, it's all subjective right now: I don't know what the pricing will be, and although the MDX is still on my top 3 list, I might get sticker shock once I see what it costs with NAV + entertainment package. Maybe I'll be one of the guys stepping into a loaded Pilot!
  • The MDX is not meant to compete with the Pilot or be in the same range. The MDX is meant to compete with other luxury SUV's but that is why they are making 5 different models available. The basic package should be at $41k and the fully loaded model will be at $48k, but compare that to the others and its a bargain.
  • If, indeed the company making the MR dampers is in bankruptcy, then certainly, I, as well as any level thinking person, might agree that there may be some future issue there. Far from ridiculous and actually logical..I live in the real world..Thanx
  • that Delphi signed a huge contract to do the suspension work for Ferrari. [albeit Ferrari redesigned the software I think] they are more in a protective state of bankruptcy from what I remember.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    I'm not so sure the Pilot and MDX are that far apart: sure, the MDX aims for luxury, but the Pilot has had very good reviews for its ride, comfort, fit and finish, etc. Heck, Consumer Reports rates the Pilot over the MDX. So if the MDX charges such a higher premium for luxury, that luxury better be apparent, imo (and I wasn't all that blown away by the 2006 MDX, compared to the cheaper Pilot or Highlander).

    At $41k, the MDX would be $4k more expensive than the outgoing 2006 model. I hope the increase is reflected improved sportiness (i.e. handling, etc).
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251
    You are correct the differences between the two is more apparent than real. Not only will the new MDX and upcoming Pilot share the same platform but they most likely will share the same drivetrain too. It definitely does make a lot of sense to buy a Pilot instead.
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