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Hey guys found a nice Nissan pathfinder for sale 21k miles and 22,890 ive been looking at them for a month and I like the low mileage and how clean the truck is. One thing I am unsure of is the dealership fees associated with buying it. The dealer who I got a good vibe from helped me and told me upfront the only fee they charge is a dealer prep fee no delivery fees or anything like that. I got them to throw in 650 off the price for tires which I thought was good at first but should I be paying that 595 in the first place? If that's the only fee they charge plus tax and dmv fees does this sound right or when they call back should I tell them Im gonna walk because of the dealer prep fee. Thanks in advance for your help


  • mikeyhill11729mikeyhill11729 Member Posts: 3
    The dealer prep fee is $595 to make that clear Thanks for your help
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    WAY too high!
  • mikeyhill11729mikeyhill11729 Member Posts: 3

    WAY too high!

    The prep fee? Yea its tricky cause there taking 650 off cause the tires will need to be replaced Id say in next 6 months.
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    You can go to the Used Car tab here and appraise it. A "prep" fee is just extra profit.
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    stever said:

    You can go to the Used Car tab here and appraise it. A "prep" fee is just extra profit.

    Exactly.... take any prep or doc fee and just add it to the price of the car. That's what you are really paying. Don't get caught up in the labels. Just add all of it together, and evaluate that price.

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