Anyone knows where to get service records from MB dealers' database?

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I want to buy MB ML430 year 2000 with 36,857 miles, VIN# 4JGAB72EXYA148173, ran carfax report looks OK. Test drove the car looks OK. ( be honest the test was for 15min around 4 or 5 blocks and it's impossible to tell that it's really really ok!...).
Dealer is a 2nd owner right now. I asked dealer to give/show me service records, ...reply they lost them. I asked them to get from 1st owner's dealer. This current dealer says 1st dealer wouldn't release info without 1st owner's consent. I asked them to call 1st owner to get consent, ...reply 1st owner is on vacation & does not answer phone.

After following up for 3 days, now dealer says "Buy it without service records 'cause its a good car or get your deposit!..."

Is there a way to get this "Service history" from somewhere (MB central database)? I'm ready to pay fees for this to make sure the car I'm buying is worth the price. Dealer's price for the car is $26,200.00 I don't want to buy a lemon, please help!......


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    and if they won't release 'em, you are Stuck Outta Luck on that score. you can contact the former owner and see if he has his service slips, or if he'll release 'em. that info should be availiable as a public record at the Department of Motor Vehicles for a small fee... you will then have to find the guy's number on the internet or in a dead-tree edition phone book.

    it does sound like the dealer made an attempt to contact the original owner, so you kind of have to take them on faith here. I have not seen a lot of posts about Mercedes dealers having less morals than snakes and lying like politicians. logic would tell you that after putting up a couple million just for the lot their building is on, let alone franchise fees and staffing costs, and selling what is a premium-priced product to a smaller luxury-accustomed clientele that wastes no time on shills and shucks, it would not be a good business strategy to screw customers.

    but in the end, whether they are giving you a coded answer that it's a good car in their history but they can't prove it... or trying to push one, despite offering the deposit back... it's a used car, as we say in the poorer neighborhoods, and all of them have more miles and more wear than a new one. all used cars are pigs in a poke. if this one has been a good car, you'd get a good ride that perhaps other board visitors can vouch for. if not, you'll know in due time.


    I personally would ask a few folks about the dealer, and if they're a good outfit, I would accept the coded answer they gave you and buy if I liked the vehicle. this is NOT a warranty. however, it is true that if you REALLY want to search for absolute proof, there is NONE that your parents are who they say they are, and there is NO WAY to prove you are you... it's all hearsay evidence at its base. there is NO abject proof that the US Government will always be around to redeem dollars on demand. there is NO irrefutable proof that the sun WILL rise in the morning.

    at some point, everything has to be taken on reputation, and you win some and lose some.

    good luck.
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    do I have to trust them and buy it? the reason I needed service records is because I don't want to buy a car with major repairs like transmission rebuilds, engine overhauls, valve jobs etc.
    I would like to even call the origina owner but wasn't given name & phone number.

    Please help me to make a well informed decision,
    the last day to make this deal is tomorrow 05/24/03.

    I'm stuck!..... aaaaggghhhh#$%^^&%E
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    go to another MB dealer, tell them you are thinking about buying the vehicle, slip the service advisor a 5 spot and ask nicely - that's really the only access you have.
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    Did they do an inspection on the car? They should be able to show you the results.

    People are so touchy about their privacy these days that it's rare for them to leave service records in the car.


    The car is probably fine but if you are THAT concerned you might want to consider buying a new and not a used car.
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    about the warranty history, since with a newer MB, service (maintenance) is a given.
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    Yeah, it does take a lot to keep a Mercedes on the road. Had one traded in awhile back. It only had 65,000 miles on it. The guy handed me a THICK folder of receipts.

    During a slack time, I looked through them. I was shocked over what "normal, routine" maintenance charges were!

    I guess the folks that buy these cars know this going in and just accept it.
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    Well if you are not comfortable with buying the car without service records then don't be pressured into it. There isn't a used Mercedes Benz shortage last time I looked.

    Benz owns the info and they don't have to give it to you. Of course, with the previous owner's permission, it would be a good sales practice, but they don't have to if they don't want to, so that's that.
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    from MB dealership, I can't believe it!... now I can buy the car without any problems. I justed walked in MB dealership and requested to have them and without any hesitation the retrieved from Vehicle Master Inquiry (VMI).
    It has all the details I wanted. No major repairs!...


    Year # of times to MB dealer
              (Including scheduled service)
    1999 - 1
    2000 - 4
    2001 - 4
    2002 - 2
    2003 - 4

    Thanks guys for your advice,

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    Great. Persistence paid off finally. Wish it was easier for you but honestly, if I were the previous owner, I would like my privacy respected, at least regarding address, phone #, etc.
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    of all stuff like financial issues, SSN, and the like, and hand 'em in with the vehicle. screw it, that address stuff any prospective buyer who writes down the license plate number can get in a half hour for $4 at the license bureau, it's the law. I'm in the phone book, and that means all that information is on 5000 web sites already for the searching.

    anything else, have your court order ready, son, because you are a'gonna need it. and the sheriff to serve it.
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